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Sherbakov Sergey Sergeyevitch

Vice Chairman of the SCST, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Date of birth:
June 27, 1981

Graduated from:
In 2005 – Belarusian State University
In 2005 – SEI “Special Faculty of Business and Informational Technology”of BSU Profession according to the education: mechanic, economic cybernetics

Labor activîty:

1998-1999 – laboratory assistant, 0.5 of a wage rate, LLC "SPA Tribofatika", Gomel

1999-2005 – student of the Belarusian State University (BSU), Minsk

August – October, 2005 – junior researcher, LLC "SPA Tribofatika", Gomel

2005-2008 – postgraduate, BSU, Minsk

2005-2008 – assistant, 0.25 of wage rate, subdepartment of theoretical and applied mechanics (TAM) BSU, Minsk

April 2008 – September 2008, junior researcher, subdepartment of TAM BSU, Minsk

2008-2010 – senior professor, subdepartment of TAM BSU, Minsk

2010-2015 – associate professor, subdepartment of TAM BSU, Minsk

2015 – September 2017 - professor, subdepartment of TAM BSU, Minsk

September 2017 - nowadays - the Vice Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk