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Best projects of National Contest of Innovative Projects selected in Minsk

Best projects of National Contest of Innovative Projects selected in Minsk

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A solemn ceremony of awarding winners and finalists of the National Contest of Innovative Projects was held at the Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University. This year it is held for the 8th time. ‘Every year the interest to the contest grows, the number of applications keeps increasing and the audience of the contest is expanded,’ Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technologies of the Republic of Belarus, said at the opening. According to him, in 2017, 178 applications were submitted for the contest. 70 projects of them were in the nomination "Best Innovative Project", and 108 projects were in the nomination "Best Youth Innovative Project". In total, 956 projects in both nominations were considered in 2010-2017.

Developers of projects from educational institutions, research institutes and centers of the National Academy of Sciences, enterprises, as well as authors' groups are among the contest participants. As in previous years, the largest number of projects are in the field of IT-technologies (21 projects, or 23.3% of the total).

At the same time, the number of projects in the field of medicine (17 projects against 5 projects) and agriculture (13 against 8) increased.

Alexander Shumilin also talked about the additional measures to attract young people to the National Contest of Innovative Projects. In particular, participants and winners of other national contests are given the opportunity to develop business plans and further commercialize the best innovative projects by obtaining a certificate. By the way, all certificates to the amount of 11,920  rubles, issued for projects selected in 2016, were successfully mastered. The following projects are among them:

- an innovative wound healing bandage with chitosan nano fibrae, the created prototypes of which have no analogues in the Republic of Belarus (the author is Vladimir Melamed, Grodno State Medical University);

- wireless automatic control system for heating in the premises of "A +", the introduction of which, first of all in medical and preventive institutions and sanatoriums, will significantly reduce heating costs (up to 40%) (the author is ALC "TahatAksi");

- cocktails based on sprouted grain with fruit and berry fillers, providing up to 60% of the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals by consuming only 400 g of drink (the authors are Elena Urbanchik and Oksana Stanulenis, Scientific and Technological Center "Technostart" of the Institute of Training and Retraining of Staff of Mogilev State University of Food).

The following projects are among the youth ones that received funds for commercialization:

- an educational project "Science for Children", which reached the finals of the contest "My Business" this year. This resulted in the partner agreements concluded with Zubr Capital Management Company and a new strategy developed for monetizing the resource (the author is Alexander Rubanov);

- a project “System of Statistical Analysis in Football Activity “StatPro”, which was approved by the coaches of the amateur football team “Ivatsevichi” (the result of implementation is recognition of the team as silver medalists of the National Championship by fans for the second year running) and the coaches of the football club of the 2nd league championship of the Republic on football “Yuas Mikashevichi” (the result is the team's pass in the 1st league in 2017) (the author is Aleksey Saskevich).

This year, 8 projects were awarded certificates for commercialization, which indicates an increased level of preparation of projects for participation in the contest.

Winners and prize-takers of the National Contest of Innovative Projects of 2017 in the nomination “Best Innovative Project”


Applicant of the Project

Name of the Project

Goal of the Project



RSPC Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Immunology, Viktoria Lavrynenko

A test-system for detection of chimerism of patients after the allogeneic transplantation

Test-system will be used at  health care institutions and will enable to assess a transplant engraftment. Depending on the result (the level of chimerism), the patients can be divided into groups of risk of developing an unfavorable outcome and treatment, and the outcome of allogeneic transplantation can be improved.

2nd  commercialization

SSI “Physical-Technical Institute of NAS of Belarus”, Andrey Glushakov

New economically  alloyed steel for gear wheels of gearboxes of automotive vehicles

The main advantages of the new steel are an increase in the strength and yield strength in comparison with the standard steel, an increase in the service life and reduction in the mass of parts.


SSI “Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry  of the NAS of Belarus”, Aleksey Yantsevich

A development of  innovation engineering for the  automated obtaining of synthetic genes (SG) and a creation of the  synthetic gene production  

The new methodology developed within the project reveals the prospects for using SG in the gene therapy for the correction of the human genome in the near future.


Gomel branch SPRUE “RI of Technical Protection of Information”

A device of passive technical protection of digital telephone sets from leakage of the voice information

The implementation of this project will enable to systemize the data on transmission of digital flows in two-wire digital communication lines with automatic telephone exchanges of Samsung, Panasonic and Ericsson types. A unified means of passive technical protection of digital telephones from the leakage of voice information for various digital communication lines will be created as a result.

3rd  commercialization


To develop and adopt an import-substituting industrial technology and organize an innovation production heat-exchange units

The production of heat-exchanging tubes and units (radiators of cooling systems for internal combustion engines of mobile equipment) will be established for domestic engineering and heat power equipment for hot water supply systems for individual and central heating points of the utilities sector as a result of the implementation of the project.

3rd  commercialization

SP LLC “OKB TSP”,Viktor Novikov, Sergey Matyushenko, Konstantin Voitsekhovsky and Sergey Lobanok

A development and an organization of the production of on-board computers for machine and tractor units in the Republic of Belarus  

The introduction of the developed on-board computer  into the agricultural production will enable:

to save resources;

to increase the yield and profitability of crop production;

to reduce labor costs for operation;

to automate the control;

to hold field processing at night and in case of an insufficient visibility;

to hold  a continuous monitoring of units and assemblies, including the dynamics of fuel consumption, etc.

Winners and prize-takers of the National Contest of Innovative Projects of 2017 in the nomination “Best Youth Innovative Project”


Applicant of the Project

Name of the Project

Goal of the Project

1st  commercialization

AE “ Gomel State Machine-Building College”, Maxim Kiryanov

A glove-simulator for a rehabilitation after a stroke

The device is able to help in the rehabilitation of the function of the hands after a stroke, in case of a blood supply disturbance of the brain, fractures and injuries.

2nd commercialization

Evgeniy Gabrinevsky,

City Clinical Hospital of Emergency Medical Care of Minsk

The technology of manufacturing polymeric implants from protakril-M for the plastic surgery  of skull defects according to computed tomography on the basis of an individual 3D model

Protactil-M implants for skull plastic surgery according to computed tomography using a 3D printer, commercially available and anatomically accurate, will be developed as a result of the project

2nd commercialization

Grigory Prokopovich,

SSI “Joint Institute for Informatics Problems of the NAS of Belarus”


A pocket robot (PocketBot) is an intelligent autonomous mobile robot that represents the functionality of a smartphone with an adaptive software interface, supplemented by the ability of an independent movement. The main competitive advantage of the "PocketBot" project is a new spherical propulsion device, which is almost ready.

3rd commercialization

Denis Laskov,

AE “Gomel State Technical University named after P. Sukhoi”

MultiCube is a multifunctional device for prototyping

A multifunctional device based on 3D-printer MFD) with functions of scratchboard, milling, (cutting vinyl films and laser engraver is cube-shaped, assembled from an aluminum profile, equipped with electric motors, mechanical transmissions and electronic components.


Konstantin Bunas and Nikolay Karnaukhov

AE “Belarusian State Aviation Academy”

A prospective system of regulation of  voltage based on an artificial intelligence for planes of the conception “All Electric Aircraft”

This development is an intelligent system of the control of the aviation alternating current generator. Such systems enable to organize the optimal operation of the regulation system in automatic mode and achieve high quality indicators of electricity regulation while reducing energy costs for the operation of the system


Vitaliy Soloviov,

SPC NAS of Belarus  on food

A comprehensive utilization of excess brewer's yeast

A technology for the rational utilization of excess brewer's yeast will be developed to produce two valuable products with high added value:

1. Vitamin-amino acid complex;

2. Adsorbent mycotoxins based on the shells of excess brewer's yeast, the application of which will help to ensure the health and high productivity of animals and birds and the safety of feed.