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SCST considers best youth innovative projects

SCST considers best youth innovative projects

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178 applications were submitted to the National Contest of Innovative Projects in 2017.  There were 108 projects, that is more than 60% of the total number of applications, for the nomination “Best Youth Innovation Project” among them. This was announced by Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus, before the meeting of the contest board today. According to him, it is necessary to determine the winners and prize-takers in the nomination “Best Youth Innovation Project” at the meeting, that is, the participants under the age of 35.

‘This year, 90 projects have been submitted for the expert examination, 50 of which are in the nomination “Best Youth Innovation Project”. The projects in the field of informatization and information technologies, medical sciences, as well as agriculture technology and biotechnology are among the largest number of applications submitted by young people,’ Alexander Shumilin stressed. He also noted that the most interesting projects are at the intersection of science. For example, it happens when information technology and new solutions in instrument engineering are used in medicine, agriculture and other areas.

The project “Glove-Simulator for Rehabilitation after a Stroke” (a device for assisting in the rehabilitation of the function of the hands after a stroke, in case of violation of the blood circulation of the brain, fractures and injuries); the project “Modernization of the Geographical Navigation of the Information System of the Transport Unit of the Agricultural Enterprise” (the navigation and information system is used to monitor and control the movement of vehicles); the project “The Technology of Manufacturing Polymer Implants from Protakril-M for the Plastic Surgery of Skull Defects According to the Computed Tomography Data on the Basis of an Individual 3D Model”

(the manufacturing in accordance with the computed tomography data, including with the purpose of the reduction of the time of rehabilitation and temporary disability of patients) are among such projects  considered by the contest board.

The contest board will determine one winner and five prize takers in the nomination “Best Youth Innovation Project”. The projects will be selected for the further commercialization of their results (a certificate in the amount of 13,200 rubles each) among them.