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Alexander Shumilin: In 2019, Belarus and Russia executing 7 R&D programs within the Union State

Alexander Shumilin: In 2019, Belarus and Russia executing 7 R&D programs within the Union State

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In 2019, Belarusian and Russian scientists are executing 7 R&D programs of the Union State, which are associated with developments in the field of space, automotive components, nanomaterials, hydrometeorological safety, medicine and genomic technologies. This was announced by Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus at the Forum for draft projects of the Union State of Belarus and Russia programmes - the VIII Forum of Universities of Engineering and Technology. According to him, a number of new programs of the Union State in the field of high technologies are still being developed. “These are, first of all, the programmes related to the introduction of the production of mobile fiber-optic locators, sensor systems for the prevention of natural and technological disasters, the design and manufacture of microcircuits, technologies for highly productive agriculture and the food industry, aimed at improving the health of citizens. These are also developments in the field of additive technologies, production of modern industrial and household 3D-printers, on medical topics,” said Alexander Shumilin.

He added that nowadays we are focused on strengthening the partnership between Russia and Belarus in the development of digital technologies for education, economy, and management. The main driver of the development of states is not so much the availability of raw materials base and finances as the intellectual capabilities, measured, first of all, by the availability of trained personnel in the field of high technologies. So, along with “Digital University”, the development of a project to create a “Digital Enterprise” begins, within the framework of which it is planned to create intelligent automated systems for supporting the life cycle of electronic products.

“It is important for both countries to create all conditions so that young people receive high quality education and the opportunity to work honestly. I believe that at this forum a constructive dialogue will be held in all areas of cooperation, which will bring new energy to the Belarusian-Russian cooperation in scientific, technical and innovative activities, where we place the highest hopes on young energetic and creative people who are ready for discoveries and the constant search for new things,” said Alexander Shumilin.

In Belarus, it is the development of information and communication technologies that is highly prioritised. This has been confirmed by world indexes. Belarus is among the top ten countries in the world in terms of the Global Innovation Index indicators such as “Mobile Application Development” and “Training of Specialists in Science and Technology”, “Higher Education”, “Inventions and Utility Models”, and ICT Services Export - 19th place. According to the generalized indicator “Human capital and research”, Belarus is in the top 40 countries of the world.