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Alexander Shumilin took part in campaign “Our Children” at the Vitebsk Cadet School

Alexander Shumilin took part in campaign “Our Children” at the Vitebsk Cadet School

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On the eve of the New Year holidays and within the republican charity campaign “Our Children”, the Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus, Alexander Shumilin, visited the Vitebsk Cadet School to congratulate the students on the upcoming New Year and Christmas. In the village of Lužesna the students were already waiting for him and arrived in advance. In the assembly hall, where the solemn meeting was held, excellent students and cadets who achieved significant results in the social and sports life of the educational institution lined up. The best pupils received specialized literature, valuable gifts and certificates of commendation from Alexander Shumilin. Also, the Chairman of the SCST thanked the teachers of the school for training future defenders of the Fatherland and handed them a certificate for the purchase of sports and computer equipment.

“New Year's holidays are always bright and memorable. This is a joyful event that adults and children alike are waiting for. In the circle of our family and people we love, we celebrate the New Year's Eve, plan the future, wish everybody happiness, health, prosperity and the fulfillment of most cherished wishes. May your deepest wishes come true in new year - 2020,” said Alexander Shumilin. He also noted that the necessary conditions have been created for the self-realization of creative youth in the state, and the support of talented young people is a state priority.

Reference: Vitebsk Cadet School (created in 2011 on the basis of the Lužesna boarding school-gymnasium for gifted and talented children of the Vitebsk region) is an institution of general secondary education that also offers the students (cadets) the primary knowledge and skills necessary for service in the Armed Forces. Boys and girls in 8-11 grades can enroll in it. The school has excellent material and technical base. Children can choose electives, shooting classes, hand-to-hand combat, parachuting, and forensics. There is a sports complex built in 2009 with a handball court, pool and gyms, a football field with artificial turf, and rink.