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Alexander Shumilin discussed the prospects for Polotsk region innovative development

Alexander Shumilin discussed the prospects for Polotsk region innovative development

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Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus, discussed with the management of the Polotsk District Executive Committee the prospects for innovative development of the region, including as part of the implementation of the State Program for Innovative Development. In particular, one of the SPID projects - the reconstruction of a rural house-building plant for the production of metal structures - is being carried out at the Novopolotsk Plant of Technological Metal Structures. In addition to the introduction of innovative technologies and the creation of new products in demand, the implementation of this project will make it possible to use the buildings and structures of the former rural housing construction plant and create new jobs for the Polotk dwellers. The plan is to employ over 400 people through the creation of new enterprises and industries in the region.

New types of innovative products are also planned to be mastered at KimBel and Polotsk-Steklovolokno. “These enterprises are developing dynamically. Having modern equipment, high technologies and scientific potential, they are ready to solve complex problems, including the release of new innovative products that are in demand in the domestic and foreign markets,” said Alexander Shumilin. He noted that Polotsk-Steklovolokno has the highest share of innovative products in the total volume of innovative products of the region - 96%, while the share of shipped innovative products of this manufacturer in the total volume of shipped products is 27%. In general, industrial enterprises of the region this year produced innovative products worth 50 million rubles, or 12% of the total volume of production.

The Polotsk District Executive Committee informed that the State Forestry Institution "Polotsk Forestry" launched a line for the production of sawn timber and related import substitution products. The Polotsk Dairy Plant completed the reconstruction of the main production facilities, while Polotsk Drinks and Concentrates and Polotsk Bread Factory modernized their production areas and purchased modern high-performance lines.

Polotsk State University also makes a significant contribution to the development of the economy of the Polotsk region. For the use of one instrument for the express analysis of petroleum products alone, it received royalties of more than one million euros. With the support of the State Committee on Science and Technology, the university is developing an oil and gas processing industry laboratory, which is responsible for fundamental and applied research on topical issues of introducing modern technologies at gas and oil refineries in Belarus.

This year, the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan for the Accelerated Development of the Polotsk District for the period until 2020 is being completed, but the district is already moving forward - the Complex of Measures for the Development of the Polotsk District until 2025 has already been developed, which is currently being agreed by ministries and departments.