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CST summed up 2019 and reviewed tasks for 2020

CST summed up 2019 and reviewed tasks for 2020

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CST summed up 2019 and reviewed tasks for 2020

On February 14, the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus held a meeting of the final panel on the results of 2019 and the tasks for 2020. The main report on the topic was made by the Chairman of the SCST Alexander Shumilin. He noted that in 2019 in the innovation sphere, most of the target indicators for the innovative development were met. Thus, the indicator for the share of exports of high-tech products in total exports for 2019 exceeded 35% (the target was 32.5%). The indicator on the specific gravity of innovatively active organizations is also forecasted (25% against the plan of 25%). For the year, as part of the implementation of projects and activities of the state program, 2677 high-performance jobs were created, which is 826 jobs more than the established plan (1851). “As a result of joint work in 2019 in the Global International Index of Innovations, Belarus climbed 14 points and took 72nd place,” Alexander Shumilin emphasized.

In the reporting year, of 11 projects of the state program of innovative development were completed. Within the framework of scientific and technical programs, 580 R&D tasks were carried out. The largest number of tasks was carried out in the programs of the Ministry of Health (232 tasks), the Academy of Sciences (145 tasks), the Ministry of Industry (83 tasks) and the Ministry of Education (42 tasks). In 2019, the following were created: 14 production facilities for the development of the State Scientific Industrial Product “Agropromkompleks - 2020”; 1 production according to the development of the State Scientific and Technical Program “Industrial Bio- and Nanotechnologies-2020” (the production of the microbial preparation Agrorevitol for soil bioremediation from residual amounts of herbicides was organized on the basis of the Institute of Microbiology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus); 1 production according to the development of the State Scientific and Production Enterprise “Small-tonnage Chemistry” (a new small-tonnage production of polyols and composite materials with their use has been created). In addition, 7 production facilities were developed for SSTP “Agropromkompleks - 2020” (state customers: NAS of Belarus, the Ministry of Agriculture and Foodstuffs), the SSTP “Nature Management and Environmental Risks” (state customer: the NAS of Belarus), the SSTP “Resource Saving, New Materials and Technologies - 2020” (state customer: National Academy of Sciences of Belarus), State Scientific and Production Enterprise “Machine-building technologies” (state customer: Ministry of Industry), ONTP “New materials in light industry” (state customer: Bellegprom concern).

The actual amount of funding for programs amounted to more than 114 million rubles, including: republican budget - 30%; republican centralized innovation fund - 25%; local budgets - 0.2%; extrabudgetary sources - up to 45%. Compared with 2018, a decrease in the share of budget financing in programs by 0.8 percentage points was ensured.

As a result of 2019, 16 new productions were created at existing enterprises using new technologies, and 7 existing production facilities were modernized, 44 technical trainings were carried out.

The total cost of scientific and technical products released in 2019 amounted to 1 billion 100 thousand rubles. The efficiency coefficient (the ratio of the cost of goods sold to budget costs) was 16.7 and significantly higher than the levels of 2017 and 2018 (5.7 each).

Last year, more than 74 million rubles were allocated from the funds of the centralized innovation fund to fully meet the needs for funding applied research, or 24% more than in 2018. Moreover, for the third year in a row, all applications of scientists for applied research were funded. In 2020, 83 million rubles are planned for these purposes.

In order to commercialize scientific and technological achievements and develop innovative entrepreneurship, the SCST together with the Ministry of Education and regional executive committees ensured the dynamic development of innovative infrastructure. The network of subjects of innovation infrastructure covers all regional centers of the republic and includes 25 organizations (with a plan of 18), including 16 technology parks, 8 technology transfer centers and the Belarusian Innovation Fund. Last year, technology parks and their residents created 600 jobs (80 jobs were planned), and the total number of employees in them exceeded 3328 people. The volume of production by residents of technology parks reached 148 million rubles (58.9 planned).

Alexander Shumilin focused on the development of the intellectual property market. So, according to him, in 2019, the export of services in the field of fees for the use of intellectual property will be about $ 100 million. The growth rate to the level of 2018 will be 152%. “Positive dynamics in other indicators: the number of agreements on the transfer of rights to industrial property amounted to 778 or 13% more than in 2018. The growth rate of registered franchising agreements in relation to 2018 amounted to more than 117%,” the SCST Chairman said.

The State Committee on Science and Technology has large-scale tasks for 2020 - fulfilling all the indicators that have been brought, including: in the share of innovatively active organizations - at a level not lower than the target - 26%; in terms of the share of shipped innovative products - also at the task level - 21.5%; by the share of export of high-tech products - 33.3%; in terms of the number of created (modernized) jobs - at least 1546. To achieve all of that, it is necessary to solve a number of strategic tasks, including preparing a new State program of innovative development for 2021–2025 and compiling lists of industry and regional scientific plans for the next five years.