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Minsk hosts VIII International Forum "Anti-counterfeiting-2020"

Minsk hosts VIII International Forum "Anti-counterfeiting-2020"

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More than 500 experts from 15 countries are participating in the VIII International Forum Anti-Counterfeiting 2020, which is being held in a hybrid format in Minsk on December 21-22, 2020. Alexander Shumilin, the Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic, addressed the guests and participants. He noted that the fight against the circulation of counterfeit products allows to stimulate inventive activity and creates safe conditions for the development of entrepreneurship, which are the basis for the economic prosperity of states. “However, the situation with the circulation of counterfeit products on a global scale is aggravating, and the existing practices of legal regulation and law enforcement in the field of protection of intellectual property rights demonstrate insufficient effectiveness of the measures taken and do not allow to change the situation dramatically,” he said. Thus, according to expert estimates, the total economic damage from counterfeit products by 2022 may reach 4.7 trillion US dollars. At the same time, damage from international trade in counterfeit goods will reach 990 billion US dollars, damage from domestic production and consumption of counterfeit goods will amount to about 960 billion US dollars, damage from digital piracy - about 850 billion US dollars. “Obviously, in today's realities, our countries need to work more actively to combat the spread of counterfeit products and to consolidate efforts in this direction. Only together and as a group will we be able to achieve success in the fight against counterfeit trafficking,” stressed Alexander Shumilin.

During the forum, it is planned to discuss practical aspects of combating counterfeiting in the digital environment, as well as issues of labeling and traceability systems of goods, problems of ensuring the safety of goods and countering counterfeiting, mechanisms for countering the illegal circulation of tobacco products in the EAEU, etc. An important result of the international event will be the signing of memorandums on understanding and providing access to the PATSEARCH information retrieval system for patent search between the National Center for Intellectual Property (Belarus) and the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Russia). Access to the PATSEARCH system will allow everyone to receive information about inventions and utility models in Russia (USSR), the CIS countries, Georgia, the Eurasian Patent Office, as well as the world's leading patent offices.

The program of the forum provides for the work of 8 thematic discussion sessions: "The role of youth in countering the illegal circulation of industrial products" (Second International Youth Forum "Anti-counterfeiting"); “Combating counterfeiting in the digital environment. Challenges 2020 "; "Marking and Traceability System of Goods as an Effective Method of Counteracting Illegal Trade in Industrial Products"; “Product security, counterfeiting. Counterfeit and falsification of medical, sports and functional nutrition "; "Tobacco and nicotine-containing industry: unlocking tax potential by reducing the share of illegal trade"; "Cable Industry: Comprehensive Counteraction to Unscrupulous Market Participants"; "Protection of intellectual property objects in emergency situations" and "Means of individualization of participants in civil circulation"; "Marathon of Experts". Online broadcasts of the plenary session and discussion sessions will be broadcasted to Belarus, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Serbia, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and USA.

The forum was organized by the Government of the Republic of Belarus, the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus, the National Center for Intellectual Property, the Eurasian Economic Commission, the International Association "Anti-counterfeiting", the Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property "BelBrand".