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JSC «Belshina» will release new tire models with improved characteristics

JSC «Belshina» will release new tire models with improved characteristics

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The branch laboratory of JSC «Belshina» will develop new technologies for the manufacture of passenger tires with improved performance characteristics and new formulations of an elastomeric composition for a truck tire tread with improved abrasion resistance. This was discussed today at a meeting of the Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Shumilin with the management of the enterprise. In particular, the laboratory's developments will make it possible to establish the production of tires with a reduced rolling resistance coefficient, increased grip on a wet road and improved mileage. In the nearest plans of the plant workers - production of new standard sizes of agricultural tires, improvement of operational characteristics of extra-large tires and much more.

«In the real sector of the economy, there is a great demand for new technical solutions and the release of innovative, high-tech products. However, it is practically impossible to do this without science and scientific personnel. Therefore, for a closer integration of science and industry, we purposefully pursue a state policy to create sectoral laboratories at industrial enterprises. One of such laboratories was created at JSC «Belshina», - said Alexander Shumilin. He also noted that only following the results of two stages of research work at the plant in eleven months, an economic effect of 1.5 million rubles was obtained. The results of research and development allowed to reduce the heat generation of some tire models by up to 8%. «The decision on the expediency of creating an industry laboratory at the enterprise is fully justified and is generally based on the positive experience of the world's leading companies. It is this factor that makes it possible to ensure the competitiveness of the created products and high innovation potential, which is demonstrated by «Belshina», stressed Alexander Shumilin.

The branch laboratory of the tire industry (branch laboratory at JSC «Belshina») was established in 2014. In total, 89 branch laboratories have been created and are functioning in the republic, including 32 in the Ministry of Education, 24 of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 13 of the Ministry of Industry, 8 of the Ministry of Health, 4 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the Ministry of Communications - 2, and the Ministry of Construction and Architecture - 1 , Ministry of Transport - 1, Gosstandart - 1, Bellegprom Concern - 1, Ministry of Natural Resources - 1, Ministry of Housing and Communal Services - 1.