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A copy is always worse than the original

A copy is always worse than the original

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A copy is always worse than the original

The topic of counterfeiting is a sore spot for the whole world. And this is not surprising when, according to the experts, the damage to the global economy from counterfeit products last year alone exceeded $ 500 billion. In general, the damage is estimated at the level of up to three percent of the GDP of the world's developed economies. This was discussed at the VIII International Forum "Anti-Counterfeiting-2020", which is taking place in Minsk these days. It is attended by 17 countries and about 500 experts. The organizers were the Government, the State Committee on Science and Technology, the National Center for Intellectual Property, the Eurasian Economic Commission, the Anti-Counterfeiting International Association, and the BelBrand Intellectual Property Protection Association.

What are we losing

In Belarus, there are no big problems with counterfeit products, according to the chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology Alexander Shumilin. However, Belarus do not exist in a vacuum:

"If this evil is not countered, in rapidly developing IT sphere alone the damage from counterfeit products could exceed $850 billion by 2022."

Everyone would like to buy products we can be sure of. Not counterfeit. In particular, Alexander Shumilin emphasized the issue of medicine, because it can not only heal, but also harm:

"Traditionally, counterfeit markets are alcoholic products (in some countries it still reaches 40 percent), up to 15 percent of counterfeits are tobacco products. Oddly enough, up to 30 percent of toys entering the world market are also counterfeit. Therefore, it is so important to develop joint countermeasures."

In our country, the percentage of counterfeit goods is not too high, but there are issues of counterfeiting domestic products outside its borders, noted Alexander Shumilin:

"Outside Belarus, our food products are most often the subject of counterfeit products. We have received such information more than once. Of course, the fact that products are counterfeited in other markets confirms their quality and demand. But at the same time it also discredits it. This must be fought."

According to Alexander Shumilin, about a dozen laws governing intellectual property issues within the country are aimed at this today. And not only. Our country is a signatory of 17 out of 24 international treaties regulating the activities of the circulation of all intellectual property, and the 18th treaty is on its way.

“In addition, with the support of the World Intellectual Property Organization and together with other international organizations, we are developing the Concept for the Development of Intellectual Property until 2030,” stressed Alexander Shumilin. (...)

Source: Respublika