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Innovative exports presented and discussed in Minsk

Our countries do not have stockpiles of raw material resources, which means that it should be  high-tech exports. To promote innovative products to foreign markets, as well as in accordance with the implemented program "School of Export", the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry together with the State Committee on Science and Technology held a seminar on "Export of Innovative Products: Opportunities and Prospectives". The correspondent of Respublika learned about tools to support exports of innovative products and successful groundworks of our producers.

Manufacturing electro scooters is a promising area of the instrument-making plant “Optron”
Manufacturing electro scooters is a promising area of the instrument-making plant “Optron”.

Belarus is quite competitive on the global market of innovation. The most promising industries are instrument-making, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. There is a  share of new technologies in the field of aircraft and space development. We are at the forefront in the supply of dump trucks, tractors and every tenth tractor in the world is produced in our country.

‘The build-up of supplies of high-tech products has always been the most important task,’ Vladimir Ulakhovich, Chairman of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said without concealing anything. ‘We’ve been possessing highest rates since 2016.’

A common approach to promoting high-tech products should have been developed at the seminar
A common approach to promoting high-tech products  should have been developed at the seminar.

He stressed that 24 percent of non-commodity exports were provided by enterprises with a non-state form of ownership last year. Additive measures of support and promotion are necessary for them, too. Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology also agrees with him:

‘It is not easy to create new high-tech products, and even harder to reach the world market with them. It is very important that there is no distinction for public and private enterprises. Today a private enterprise "Adani" is one of the largest exporters, whose products are available in 60 countries around the world. There is an involvement of high-tech businesses and the government in dealing with joint problems.

Some steps to encourage innovative developments have been taken. So, this year the production system for rating products as high-tech ones has been improved; its certification for the real economy has been simplified. In addition, it will be exempt from the income tax. This is a good incentive: if you want tax incentives, invest in high technologies.

Alexander Shumilin cited our electric buses and a creation of energy-sufficient electric vehicles as an example of successful competitive developments. It turns out that the electric drive is also used at BelAZ plants. A project on the development of power electronics to control such electric drives is going to be implemented in the country. The production of integrals is developed dynamically. A new line of chips and new technologies of production of them have been created.

Now the Belarusian innovative products are available in more than 80 countries, including in the USA and China. Our devices are among the best in the world. For example, atomic force microscopes are exported to Japan, and in fact this country is a recognized world leader in instrument-making. Kazakhstan buys artificial heart valves in our country.

The developments, presented at the seminar, will be recognized too. An intelligent search system of the search of information in the video is among them. Because the number of cameras in the video surveillance systems and volumes of archives grow, which means that the tools to quickly work with them are necessary. In just a few seconds, the system will search for human in the crowd, the car on the road and determine the movement of objects of interest by the criteria of the search. An optical reader of documents that quickly scan passports, ID-cards, driver's licenses and visas, and recognizes all of the information, may draw interest of representatives of the security services. An autonomous apparatus generating plasma of an atmospheric discharge developed in BSUIR can be useful in medicine, aviation and automotive industry. The plasma treatment of the surface of materials will enable to produce a dry sterilization of medical tools and implants, reduce the aerodynamic resistance of vehicles and glue materials stronger. It will be possible to convert an ordinary bicycle into electric one with the motor-wheel of the instrument-making plant "Optron" literally for 5 minutes and choose the drive mode by means of the software from any mobile phone with OS Android.


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