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In accordance with the decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus the State innovation development program for 2016-2020 included 121 projects for the creation of new industries that are crucial for innovation development of our country. About one third based on the development of V-VI technological modes. In January - September 2019 in the framework of the State program being implemented 98 20 customers. In particular, NASB - 11 client project.

In 2019 put into operation, important for the country of innovative production. Among them are the high - tech export-oriented production of optical components and laser systems with diode pumping of a new generation (the Institute of physics. B. I. Stepanov of NAS of Belarus). On the development of the fifth technological wave based experimental-industrial production of enzymes for chemical enzymatic synthesis of medicinal substances and the latest diagnostic kits (Institute of Microbiology of NAS of Belarus). To the VI technological mode is the development of production and introduction of micro fertilizers "Nano-plant" for wide application in plant growing of Belarus (Institute of physical-organic chemistry of NAS of Belarus).

Staff and funding

-The work carried out has helped to stabilize the values of important indicators. for the first time in the last ten years there has been a tendency to increase the number of researchers (in 2018 - 17 804 people). Per 10 thousand population, this figure rose from 17.8 people in 2016 to 18.8 people in 2018.

The growth of personnel potential of the scientific sphere is closely linked to the increase of expenses for performance of scientific research and development. Over the past three years the value of domestic expenditure on R&(T)D increased from 475,3 million rubles in 2016 to 739,3 million rubles in 2018 (28.9 % in comparable prices).

However, the observed growth of human capacity and financing of the scientific sphere does not provide access to the required level of these indicators by 2020. The target value for the research personnel to 2020 is 22 persons per 10 thousand population. A similar situation is characteristic of the knowledge-intensity of GDP, a value that remains well below set by the President Directive No. 3. Because according to the directions in the next five years we still have a lot to do.

International partnership

-      As a result of systematic work on the development of international scientific and technical cooperation of the Republic of Belarus with foreign countries value of exports of high-tech products by the end of 2019 is expected to more than 14.7 billion dollars. For 11 months of the year 2019, the export share of such products in the total volume amounted to 35.6%, which is 2.5 percentage points above the corresponding period of the previous year.

International comparison shows that the share of high-tech products, Belarus is far ahead of all the EEU countries (for example in Russia - 17%) and is at the level of Norway (29.4%), and Lithuania (31,6%), Bulgaria (32%), Turkey (33,1%), Portugal (36.3 percent).

Separately should be noted the positive dynamics of export of this type of knowledge-intensive services, as a payment for the use of intellectual property. So, if in the years 2011-2017 export revenues for this type of service does not exceed $ 40 million., in 2018, exports amounted to 66.1 million. and by the end of 2019 it is expected that the export revenues will be at least $ 100 million.

In 2019 in the Global innovation index Belarus was ranked 72-th place, improving its ranking by 14 positions compared 2018. The improvement is the result of the Government's performance on development of infrastructure of innovative activity.

Source: Newspaper "Navuka"