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It will be innovative!

It will be innovative!

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From new sectors of the economy to smart cities, from innovative developments in medicine and industry to unique projects in the defense industry and biotechnology, the State Program for Innovative Development for 2021-2025, which was approved by the President last week, promises to be effective in every sense. Innovative industries will be created in the country, new highly profitable jobs will appear, and not only in the capital and regional centers.

2007— 2010

The program included more than 1,300 projects, of which about half were small projects for the usual modernization of enterprises.

The share of innovative products shipped by organizations, the main type of economic activity of which is the production of industrial products, in the total volume amounted to 14.5 percent.

Main completed projects:

  • Production of automatic washing machines "Atlant".
  • Production of seamless hot-rolled pipes at BMZ.
  • Household appliances production Midea ("Horizon").
  • Production of the Belarus 921 tractor.
  • Production of trucks of the new MAZ-6430 family and buses of Euro-3 and Euro-4 levels.
  • Organization of production of sheet polished glass at Gomelglass.
  • Creation of a mini-CHP using local fuels in Pruzhany.

2011— 2015

The program included 312 projects for the creation of new enterprises and industries and 289 projects of development plans.

The share of shipped innovative products (works, services), new for the domestic market, in the total volume of products shipped by industrial organizations amounted to 35.7 percent.

♦ One of the projects of the program is the introduction in Minsk of an automated fare collection system for public passenger transport.

Alexander Shumilin:

— The implementation of the state program should become a driver for building an innovative economy. The program will implement innovative projects that correspond to the priority areas of scientific, scientific, technical and innovative activities, primarily on the basis of domestic developments, the promotion of Belarusian technologies to the world market and the transfer of best foreign practices.


Belarus moved up two lines and took 62nd place in the ranking of the most innovative countries in the Global Innovation Index 2021. It is published annually by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a member of the UN structure.

Over the year, the country has improved its position in several categories at once: in the block "Development of technologies and knowledge economy" we have risen from 46th to 37th place, in the block "Results of creative activity" - from 97th to 93rd. In the category “Export of ICT services” Belarus took 11th place in the world, moving up 4 lines. The country also moved up from 19th to 16th place in the “Access to ICT” rating.

At the same time, Belarus remained the world leader in the Mobile Application Development category.


The creation of innovation infrastructure entities, which include technology parks, is one of the most effective tools for the development of a network of knowledge-intensive industries and an innovative economy as a whole.

Today, there are 17 technoparks in the country, the network of which covers all regions of the republic. Technoparks have become a launching pad for many successful innovative enterprises.

The number of residents of technoparks in the first half of 2021 compared to 2016 increased from 128 to 219 organizations, and the total number of employees of technoparks residents was 2994 people.

In 2020, the volume of production (goods and services) by residents of technoparks amounted to 198.1 million rubles, which is almost 3 times more than in 2016.


Alexander SHUMILIN, Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology:

— Today, the task is not only in big cities to create large innovative industries. It is necessary to raise the standard of living in small towns and create innovative enterprises there, we will also work on this. As an example, I will cite what is planned to be done within the framework of the new state program until 2025: the introduction of innovative injection molding technologies for organizing the production of large-sized plastic products in David-Gorodok, a new project for the cultivation of an animal strain at Belvitunifarm in the village of Dolzha, Vitebsk region.

For a five-year-old, it would be good to have a lot of inept GARADS, leather voblasts, on the line of Inavatsiy Praekty (high-I-nya zusim prarynnyya), for a small city, a new life, a prosperous, simple development

The program is still open; work will be carried out annually to fill it with new projects.

Andrey Ivanets, Chief Scientific Secretary of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus:

— A number of science-intensive projects will be implemented within the framework of "projects of the future", which are formed on behalf of the Head of State. In the field of mechanical engineering, for example, we are talking about smart electric transport. This is the creation of new for us models of freight, passenger, light, small electric transport, the creation of energy storage units, the necessary infrastructure.

Another promising area is biotechnology, including for pharmaceuticals. The Academy of Sciences initiated the implementation of a project to create a new generation of drugs based on monoclonal antibodies. In fact, we are talking not only about new technologies, but also about the country's pharmaceutical safety.


Initially, the program included 126 projects, 46 of which were based on technologies of the V-VI technological orders and 61 projects were based on domestic developments.

Almost 10 thousand high-performance jobs and 74 innovative production facilities have been created and modernized.

The volume of production of innovative products amounted to about 6 billion rubles, the share of innovatively active industrial organizations - more than 26 percent, the volume of exports of science-intensive and high-tech products - 14.2 billion dollars.

Main completed projects:

♦ The Borisov Plant of Medicines has organized the production of sterile powder for 8 import-substituting antibiotics.

♦ For more effective treatment of patients with viral hepatitis, medical scientists have developed a method for diagnosing hepatitis C and a method for diagnosing liver transplant rejection.

♦ A cluster for the production of security systems, non-destructive testing equipment, and medical technology has been organized in Adani. This made it possible for 9 months to develop and start supplying domestic computed tomography devices to medical institutions of the country.

♦ BMZ has created one of the most high-tech in the post-Soviet space small-section wire production with the production of high-quality tire cord. The volume of production of innovative products exceeded 1.7 billion rubles.

♦ The production of electric buses was launched at Belkommunmash. Within the framework of import substitution, 45 units were produced worth 35 million rubles (as of September 2020).

The new program will be significantly different from the previous ones. Its highlight will be the formation of innovative projects based on Belarusian developments. In addition, the procedures for including projects and activities in the program have now been optimized, as well as structured mechanisms for financing projects depending on the level of their innovation.


It is planned to carry out at least 100 innovative projects and create more than 12 thousand new jobs.

It is expected that by 2025 the share of innovatively active manufacturing organizations will grow to 30.5 percent, and the volume of exports of science-intensive and high-tech products - to $ 18.3 billion, which will amount to 35.6 percent in total exports of goods and services. The contribution to GDP growth is expected to be at least 9.5 percent, exports - at least 13.8 percent.

The amount of funding for the programme's activities is 6.75 billion rubles, including budget funds, organizations' own funds, credit resources, foreign investments and other sources.

The main goal:

Achievement by Belarus of the level of innovative development of the leading countries in the Eastern Europe region based on the implementation of the intellectual potential of the Belarusian nation.

Among the projects to be implemented:

♦ Organization of high-tech agro-industrial production of the full cycle "Belarusian National Biotechnological Corporation".

♦ Creation of robotic complexes that will automate the sewing of shoes at Belvest.

♦ Construction of a diagnostic, ward, operating and resuscitation building for the creation of a center for hybrid cardiac surgery in the Republican Scientific and Practical Center "Cardiology".

♦ Organization of the production of mechanical transmission components for the production of a new generation of agricultural grain and forage harvesting equipment at Gomselmash.

♦ Creation of a mini-CHP on local fuels in Pruzhany.