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New horizons. The areas the Belarusian scientists may show their worth in/ Arguments and Facts in Belarus, no. 14

New horizons. The areas the Belarusian scientists may show their worth in/ Arguments and Facts in Belarus, no. 14

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New horizons. The areas the Belarusian scientists may show their worth in/ Arguments and Facts in Belarus, no. 14

The implementation of the framework program of the European Union for Science and Innovations “Horizon 2020”, which supposes the participation of legal entities and certain scientists from Belarus started in January.

‘This is a program designed for seven years with the budget about 80 billion euros which makes it the biggest program of support of science and innovations and one of the most expensive programs of the state support in the world over the history of the EU’, said Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus (SCST)’.

The Belarusians participated in more than 55 projects with the total volume of financing for the Belarusian party which is 4 million euros.

The most successful areas for Belarus are information and communication technologies, nano sciences, new materials, medicine and sociology. Framework programs exist since mid-80-s of the last century, and supranational all-European researches and developments are financed by means of them.

The program finances final and pre-market stages of the innovative cycle.

The support is given to the implementation of intersectoral and interdisciplinary projects implemented by international consortia of scientists and specialists.

‘The SCST has been supporting the participation of Belarus in framework programs of the EU since 2004’, said Alexander Shumilin. ‘We all aim our scientists at as maximum as possible participation in these programs, because the international cooperation gives access to the knowledge which have partners. And the multilateral cooperation enables to increase the volume of these knowledge in dozens times. Besides, this provides the access to the scientific infrastructure and foreign sources of financing. It’s very important, that the international cooperation opens for us foreign markets where we may sell our intellectual property and scientific-technical services in the areas we’re competitive in.

At last, the international cooperation enables Belarusian scientists to make contribution into the solution of global problems in the field of energy, health care and climate changes and gives an opportunity to use the fruit of international efforts.


Mayra Mora, the ambassador, the Head of the Representative Office of the European Union:

‘In a manner, the year 2014 is significant for education and science, because two key programs, financed by the European Union, such as “Erasmus Plus” supporting cooperation in the field of education, youth and sport and the “Horizon 2020” offering new opportunities for scientific projects, study courses and innovations, will start.

The purposes of the second program are to create a scientific-technological basis for accelerated and steady economic development of the united Europe, the growth of its competitiveness in the world, to increase employment, to put on the level of more developed scientifically and technologically states and to continue the formation of the common European space.

These purposes are determined by the priorities of the program, such as advanced science, industrial leadership and the solution of socially important problems.

I want to call Belarusians for submitting more applications. I hope that two parties will benefit from this.

Science is one of the areas without limits and in which the interaction may enrich the parties’.