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“On the reliable foundation of innovation”, article by A.G. Shumilin for "Belarusian Dumka"

“On the reliable foundation of innovation”, article by A.G. Shumilin for "Belarusian Dumka"

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“On the reliable foundation of innovation”, article by A.G. Shumilin for "Belarusian Dumka"

In today’s world, science and innovation are increasingly determining the economic power of a state. It is the ability not only to generate, but also to use scientific developments that contributes to the development of high-tech industries, the emergence of advanced technologies and fundamentally new products and services. Over the past decade, Belarus has pursued a consistent policy of improving the level and quality of people’s life on the basis of innovative economic development.

Many steps are being taken for its implementation: from the State Program for Innovative Development of the Republic of Belarus for 2016-2020 and  drafting a new state program until 2025, to the development of extensive regulatory framework, which includes advanced legislation in the field of science and innovation.

The State Program for Innovative Development of the Republic of Belarus for 2016-2020 (hereinafter referred to as SPID) includes 121 projects for the creation of new industries, of which 45 are based on the technologies of V-VI technological modes. The implementation of 27 projects of the State Program in 2016-2018 was completed, 94 projects were carried out by 20 customers [mostly Ministry of Industry (18), the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (11) and the Bellegprom concern (10)] in January-September 2019.

The organization of a number of high-tech industries can be noted among successfully implemented cost-effective and important innovative projects for our country. This is an industrial processing of glass (Gomelsteklo); sterile antibiotic powder (Borisov Medical Products Plant OJSC); assembly of cars for 2012-2030 (BELGI); the creation of artificial mechanical heart valves of a new generation with improved performance that meet the requirements of international standards (ELECTRONMASH PLANT); production of all-metal cord radial tires with a bore diameter of up to 63 inches and reconstruction of the preparatory workshop (Belshina OJSC); metal processing (“LKSN-Kolos”). The company Technolit mastered the production of improved products - cylinder liners, including the bimetallic type, for internal combustion engines and compressors for railway, special and dual-use equipment. The production of a set of class II and IV mirrors under the Restyling-2 project for the KAMAZ family of cars with a Euro-5 cab has been launched at Universal Babruisk.

The creation of a cluster of complex medical devices and safety systems at the ADANI enterprise will undoubtedly open up new innovative prospects. The Republican Scientific Practical Center for Pediatric Surgery has introduced into clinical practice new methods for treating aortic coarctation, left heart hypoplasia and post-resection “short bowel” syndrome, which allows improving the quality of life of children with these types of surgical pathology.

Important projects were implemented in research organizations of the National Academy of Sciences. For example, the Institute of Microbiology has developed and implemented technologies for producing enzyme preparations for the chemical-enzymatic synthesis of drug substances and for obtaining the latest diagnostics. The Institute of Physical-Organic Chemistry created the industrial production of micronutrient fertilizers “Nanoplant” for widespread use in crop production in Belarus. The active substance - nanoparticles of trace elements - exhibits a unique property of superpermeability through protective cell membranes (VI technological mode). The Institute of New Materials Chemistry at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus started the production of composite materials based on Belarusian thermoplastics for three-dimensional printing (3D-printing), and at the Scientific and Technological Park BNTU "Polytechnic" (Minsk) two varieties 3D-printers were developed: one of them for general industrial use (for solid plastics) and the other for food industry (for liquid-viscous components such as confectionery glazes and creams, V technological mode). The production of integrated circuits according to submicron design standards (V technological mode) is made possible by a new and promising packaging technology developed and implemented at INTEGRAL, the management company of INTEGRAL holding.

In the framework of the BelAES construction project, fundamentally new for Belarus technologies for generating electricity using nuclear reactors (V technological mode) have been mastered. The Miory Metal Rolling Plant (MMPZ-Group), which will become the only producer of white sheet metal (0.11-0.5 mm thick) for the needs of the country, neighboring countries and the CIS, is preparing for commissioning.

In 2020, a project will be completed on the production of high-tech, innovative analytical and inspection complexes, optical and mechanical products of dual and special purpose at Optoelectronic Systems (Minsk). It is planned to develop such electronic diagnostic tools as microscopes, analyzers, scanning microscopes operating in the nanometer range, ultraviolet radiation (V technological mode).

Venture financing, which is provided by the Belarusian Innovation Fund (BIF) within the Russian-Belarusian Venture Investment Fund, will also be good support for startups. As partners in the first venture fund, BIF employees involved the Russian Venture Company (RVC) as the undisputed leader in the CIS countries in the field of venture financing development. Today it manages 26 funds with a total value of more than 600 million dollars, while the share of RVC funds is more than 60%. Thanks to this cooperation, advanced venture financing mechanisms will begin to be applied in the Republic of Belarus.

Within the framework of RosBelFund’s activities, such instruments of market financing of innovative projects, new for our country, as entering the fund into the authorized capital of newly created innovative organizations and providing convertible loans, which will certainly expand support for national innovations, are being successfully introduced and developed. The fund has already financed a number of projects; work is underway on transactions that will be completed in the near future.