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Projects in Europe and Asia: an innovation center opened at SPA “Horizon”

Projects in Europe and Asia: an innovation center opened at SPA “Horizon”

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Projects in Europe and Asia: an innovation center opened at SPA “Horizon”

Today, an innovation center for industrial electronics was opened at the “Horizon” holding. The unique project will ensure the effective development of electronics production in the real sector of the country's economy, as well as the launch of new ambitious projects together with Russian, European and Japanese partners.

During a solemn ceremony, the Deputy Minister of Industry, Sergey Gunhko, noted that the opening of such a center is dictated by the time today: 

‘Innovation has become a law of our lives. The country needs to export maximum of the production. This requires not only a competitive price, but also an innovative component: new activities, products and services. All this should be developed in accordance with the tasks that the Head of State identified in the country's innovative development program for 2016–2020.’

Yury Predko, General Director of OJSC “Horizon” Holding Management Company”, described in detail what they would do in the new center: 

‘We have different areas: household appliances and professional electronics. For example, there is an opportunity for developers to design new products online through the cloud technologies. Here we will work on projects in the field of automotive electronics. Today, the developments are already in use: every second BELAZ began to be equipped with our control systems since last year. We interact with leading European automakers. We will work in the field of avionics in order to create display systems and sensors.

Our strategy is to integrate into the international industrial chain. We work with Japanese companies for European companies. It is also about the modeling and the industrial design. We successfully cooperate with Chinese companies. In the near future we will announce the creation of a new joint venture with Japanese partners.’ 

The development of smart city systems for traffic control, as well as the project “Smart Home” will be continued in the new center. 

Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology, emphasizes that the opening of such a center is very important for our country: 

‘The innovation cycle is constantly shrinking: if before innovative products could be brought to the market in 3-4 years, then today it is necessary to update the line once a year. The introduction of innovation is a market demand.’ 

The Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology also cited statistics of the export of high-tech products: last year it was set at 14 billion USD. It was 33 percent of exports. 

This testifies, that our country is high-tech, and we can actually offer not only competitive products on the market, but also unique ones, to be the first in many areas. We really have such developments. And on a number of projects we even surpass the competitors. There are about 100 high-tech companies operating in the country that combine both “hardware” and software. It is important that they appear in our specific holdings. The creation of such a center at “Horizon” is a logical and timely step. 

The center is crowded. Several hundred employees are already working here. In the near future, a team of key professionals, about 1000 highly skilled specialists, such as developers, industrial designers, programmers, engineers, constructors, testers, designers and managers, who will be engaged in the strategy development, the activation and the management of innovative projects, will be formed. 

In the future, this site will host educational seminars, conferences of various sizes, innovative exhibitions, business meetings and other events. 

The source: newspaper “Respublika”