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Three “I's”: intelligence, innovation, investment

Three “I's”: intelligence, innovation, investment

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Projects of the future, smart cities, new sectors of the economy, highly competitive products on the world market - in other words, intelligence, innovation and prosperity - these are perhaps the main goals of the State Program for Innovative Development for 2021-2025, which was recently approved by the President by Decree No. 348. The State Committee for Science and Technology told in more detail about priority industries and projects.

Past experience and a balanced approach

The new state program was formed based on the experience and results of a similar document for 2016-2020, as a result of which 74 new industries appeared in the country, and the volume of exports of science-intensive and high-tech products reached $ 14.2 billion. However, to come to such results, it took not only time, but also a serious revision of approaches to what projects can be included in the state program.

According to the SCST, the procedures for including projects and activities in the state program have now been optimized, indirect mechanisms have been created to stimulate the implementation of innovative projects through the use of effective tax incentives and customs preferences instead of difficult to administer tax benefits.

We are talking about exemption from import customs duties and value added tax of technological equipment imported for the implementation of program projects (without concluding an investment agreement); introduction for projects of the program of the mechanism of investment deduction for income tax in the amount of up to 150 percent of the volume of capital costs for the project; exemption from land tax for land plots for the construction of facilities as part of the implementation of the program projects.

Increased efficiency

The implementation of the state program is designed to become a driver for building an innovative economy and ensure a contribution to GDP growth of at least 9.5 percent, exports - at least 13.8 percent. In addition, by 2025 it is planned to create more than 12 thousand new and modernized high-performance jobs, to increase the share of innovatively active manufacturing organizations to 30.5 percent and the volume of exports of science-intensive and high-tech products to $ 18.3 billion, which will amount to $ 35.6 percent in total exports of goods and services, —commented Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology Alexander Shumilin.

In the State Program for Innovative Development, it is planned to implement at least 100 innovative projects, including the organization of high-tech agro-industrial production of the full cycle CJSC Belarusian National Biotechnological Corporation, the development and development of innovative technologies in the production of footwear with the introduction of robotic hardware and software systems in the Belvest company, construction of a diagnostic, ward, operating and resuscitation building for the creation of a center for hybrid cardiac surgery in the Republican Scientific and Practical Center "Cardiology" and many others.

The planned amount of funding for the State Program is 6.75 billion rubles.