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Unique developments presented at the republican innovative projects contest

Unique developments presented at the republican innovative projects contest

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Unique developments presented at the republican innovative projects contest

The production of electric scooters for shering and a complex for the quick production of chocolate bars on individual orders - these projects became the winners of the 10th Republican innovative projects contest organized by the State Committee on Science and Technology. One of the features of the contest is financial support for the best works. About 70 percent of them then develop into a successful business.

Among the winners were the idea of ​​creating an ergotherapy center “World of Opportunities” to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, developing fire extinguishing powder, SKINIVE projects - assistant for skin health and PetroViewer for automatic identification of minerals and rocks... Company "Eco-Motas" bypassed the contestants and became leaders with such a promising direction as the production of personal electric vehicles, and in the youth nomination - it was an entrepreneur Tikhan Marazevich who developed a software and hardware complex for automatic chocolate bar industry, combining in its work three areas at once: IT, instrument making and food industry technologies.

According to the chairman of the SCST Alexander Shumilin, the contest can determine the areas that are most promising in terms of innovation and technology, as well as development and profit. Most of the projects this year were presented in the IT sector - more than 20 percent, a little less - in the field of high-tech, radio electronics, medicine, biotechnology. Of course, some support is required so that they grow to the production stage.

- Over the past three years, we have built a clear system of financial support for work. In addition to prizes, financial resources for commercialization are also provided. Winners will be awarded 8 grants of more than 14 thousand rubles each. This is the initial capital that will allow many people to turn their idea into a prototype or improve the business plan, build a business model. Many will have the opportunity to further accelerate in technology parks,” said Alexander Shumilin.

Source: SB. Belarus today