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E-health and smart cities - which projects can be included in the new program innovation

E-health and smart cities - which projects can be included in the new program innovation

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E-health and smart cities - which projects can be included in the new program innovation

Being prepared in Belarus the State program of innovative development for the years 2021-2025. The introduction of breakthrough technologies and the creation of new production facilities are all in the plans for the next five years. Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on science and technology, doctor of Economics, told BELTA about the priority projects for Belarus ' innovative development.


Belarus is striving to become a leader in innovation development in the Eastern European region. In addition, the country plans to expand its presence and consolidate its position on the world markets for high-tech and high-tech products. This requires creating the best conditions for scientific, technical and innovative activities and effectively stimulating them, creating new and accelerating the development of existing high-tech sectors of the economy.

The state program of innovative development for 2021-2025 will differ from the previous ones in its content. It is planned to shift the focus to indirect mechanisms of state incentives for the implementation of projects - tax, customs and other preferences. As for state support from innovative funds on a non-refundable basis, its volume is supposed to be differentiated depending on the level of technologies being implemented and the social orientation of the project. Preferences provided for the implementation of investment projects can be extended to innovative projects of the state program. We also plan to attract soft loans from the development Bank for financing.

Another important idea is planning and even closer integration of the elements of the innovation cycle "from idea through research and development to production". The draft state program also provides for the formation and implementation of cluster projects, automatic inclusion of new products in the list of innovative products approved by the Council of Ministers. Consumers are offered the right to purchase from a single source product created using domestic technologies under the state program, within three years from the beginning of its release. "We believe that these approaches will increase the attractiveness of the program for innovative enterprises, investors, and financial structures," Alexander Shumilin said.

Future projects

The state program until 2025 will include significant projects identified in accordance with the comprehensive forecast of scientific and technical development and proposals from customers for future projects. They will be aimed at developing existing and forming new sectors of the national economy.

Belarus has created a list of 28 promising future projects focused on new production, technologies and goods. "Among them are e-health, smart cities of Belarus, and a new Russian-Belarusian spacecraft for remote sensing of the earth's surface. It is worth mentioning the construction of a nitrogen complex, the creation of a center for hybrid cardiac surgery, a cluster for the production of veterinary drugs," the Chairman of the SCST said.

New production facilities and technologies

Projects for the new state program must pass state expertise and receive a positive conclusion. The possible list includes a variety of areas - from digital technologies to medicine and agriculture.

Promising projects include the development of new treatment methods based on bioprinting, cellular technologies, endovascular and endoscopic surgery, Transplantology, and implantable high-tech devices of domestic production. The implementation of the e-health concept based on a Central software platform with a system for supporting clinical decision-making can also make a great contribution to Belarusian medicine. The draft state program also includes biopharmaceutical production of medicines based on recombinant technologies and blood plasma fractionation. High-tech medical products are also in demand, including for hybrid surgery in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, and new dosage forms with improved characteristics. It is also planned to form a cluster of high-tech medical equipment (magnetic resonance imaging, endoscopes, exoskeletons, bionic prostheses).

Smart cities, intelligent systems of automation and robotization of production processes, smart power supply networks (Smart Grid), robotic systems using artificial intelligence technologies can become a reality in the next five years. Mechanical engineering will also be developed. It is planned to form a cluster of production of multifunctional electric vehicles (in the future - unmanned and Autonomous), including their components (batteries and supercapacitors, electric drives, electric motors, intelligent control systems). Among the possible projects - the creation of production of automotive equipment and its intelligent components that meet modern environmental standards (Euro-5 and 6, Stage IV and V).

"Optoelectronic equipment, veterinary drugs, fertilizers, nanopowders, nanofibers and nanofilms-innovative projects of the new state program will contribute to various industries. Construction will not be ignored: one of the projects involves the creation and implementation of energy generation technologies in buildings, the transition to the use of decentralized energy sources, including electricity, for heating and hot water supply of premises. The priority is the agricultural sector and the food industry: organic agriculture, precision farming, new varieties and hybrids of plants, food products with biologically active substances, personalized medical and preventive nutrition, " Alexander Shumilin said.

Preliminary results of the state program for 2016-2020

The current state program includes 125 projects to create new production facilities that are crucial for the innovative development of Belarus. In 2016-2019, 61 projects were put into operation, and production reached its design capacity for 37 projects. "By the end of 2020, these figures will increase significantly. Among the projects we can mention the production of optical components and laser systems of new generation at the Institute of physics of national Academy of Sciences, the cluster of complex medical equipment and security systems at "ADANI", assembling of cars at BELGEE, and new types of optical products at the enterprise "Aeromash", the creation of pilot production of oral anticancer medicines (RUE "Belmedpreparaty"), components of high technical level for passenger cars and commercial vehicles (JSC "BelCard")", - noted the Chairman of the Committee.

Among the projects of the current state program, the organization of mechanical Assembly production of small-scale products based on additive technologies (JSC "Screen"), the creation of complexes for preparing seeds of agricultural crops with a volume of 10 thousand tons per year at the Ustye RPE of the national Academy of Sciences of Belarus in the Orsha district and for microclonal propagation of economically useful plants in the Central Botanical garden deserve attention.

By the end of 2020, it is planned to complete all the tasks of the state program. The share of shipped innovative products in the total production volume of industrial enterprises should reach 21.5%, the share of science-intensive and high-tech products in the total volume of Belarusian exports-33.2%. It is planned that as a result of the state program, more than 10 thousand high-performance jobs will be created or modernized.