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«Freely convertible ideas», - an interview with A. Shumilin in the newspaper «Respublika»

«Freely convertible ideas», - an interview with A. Shumilin in the newspaper «Respublika»

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«Freely convertible ideas», - an interview with A. Shumilin in the newspaper «Respublika»

About 450 inventions and over 1200 patents operating in the territory of the Republic of Belarus - this is the number that is registered annually in our country. Recently, the most popular areas are organic chemistry, drugs and medicines. By the way, on April 26, the world community traditionally celebrated the International Day of Intellectual Property. How successful is our country in this direction? How active is a modern inventor? The correspondent of the & nbsp; newspaper " Respublika " learned from the chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology Alexander Shumilin.

- Alexander Gennadievich, is it true that in recent years there has been a decrease in the inventive activity of Belarusian scientists? And what is the reason?

- Yes, indeed, in the past years there was a decrease in inventions registered with the national patent office. However, the measures taken to stimulate inventive activity made it possible to stabilize the situation. Over the past year alone, more than 4,000 titles of protection were issued for inventions, industrial designs and other objects of intellectual property, as well as about 600 agreements were registered for the transfer of rights to these objects.

But, which is important, despite the quantitative decrease in registered objects, there is an increase in their quality. This is confirmed, in particular, by an increase in the number of transactions in relation to inventions, as well as an increase in the economic effect from their use by business entities by more than five times in relation to 2012.

But you need to understand that the development of the regional patenting system in accordance with the Eurasian Patent Convention (EAPC) has a significant impact on reducing the number of applications for inventions filed under the national procedure. It is attractive for the applicant by the possibility of obtaining legal protection of inventions in the territories of all member states of the Eurasian Economic Union by obtaining a Eurasian patent.

- Are measures being taken to stimulate innovators?

- They are applied on a systematic basis. Given the growing interest in intellectual property, the State Program for the Innovative Development of the Country for 2021-2025 will for the first time provide for a separate section dedicated to the development of the intellectual property system as one of the key mechanisms of innovative development. In addition, the program provides a range of support measures for inventors. Among them, for example, the revival of the movement of invention and innovation in the country, the creation of an effective mechanism for obtaining income by the author of the invention from the commercialization of objects created by him, optimization of the minimum rates of remuneration to authors for the creation and use of inventions, depending on the level of technological structures to which they belong, and much more.

The inventor is getting younger

- How actively are young people involved in innovation issues?

- Just the other day I visited the Belarusian State Medical University - the leading specialized university in the country. It is a center that brings together education, science and innovation in order to develop and test the most promising medical technologies. But today medicine and medical technologies are one of the significant priorities of the scientific, technical and innovative development of our country for 2021-2025. More than a hundred scientific topics included in the state register of NIOC (T) R were carried out here only last year. The volume of completed research and development, scientific and technical services provided exceeded 6 million rubles. In the plans until 2025, within the framework of state scientific and technical programs and research programs, there are more than 65 tasks.

Youth science is actively developing at BSMU. More than 60 percent of university students take an active part in research work, more than 160 students are included in the bank of gifted youth, over the past five years, 16 students have become holders of the scholarship of the Head of State for the corresponding year.

- Is this process facilitated by the creation of Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISCs)?

Technology and Innovation Support Center of the Republican Scientific and Technical Library. Consultant Viktoria Svilovich. - Only on April 20, we opened a new center at Vitebsk State Medical University. Without a doubt, one of the tasks of such structures is the involvement of young people in the innovation process and the improvement of the system for the protection and commercialization of their intellectual property. This service, as the work of the first centers in the country has shown, is in demand among our citizens. In 2020, only in the Center for Technology and Innovation Support of the National Center for Intellectual Property, more than 4500 consultations of legal entities and individuals were held on the issues of registration, protection and transfer of rights to intellectual property.

Now there are ten TISCs in Belarus: one each at the Republican Scientific and Technical Library, its regional branches, at the Belarusian State University and VSMU, at the industrial park “Great Stone” and at the National Center for Scientific Research. In the near future, the same centers are planned in the IR, as well as in Pinsk, Polotsk and the library of the National Academy of Sciences.

Economics of Science

- What can you say about the economy of intellectual property?

- Exports in the field of payment for the use of intellectual property are growing every year. This speaks of the demand abroad for the developments of Belarusian scientists.

For example, at the end of 2019, this figure reached $ 100 million. And already last year it grew by a quarter and amounted to $ 125 million.

Thus, the use of intellectual property rights can generate significant income within both an individual organization and the country as a whole.

- What are the plans of the SCST and NCIS in the field of intellectual property for the current and future years?

- First of all, our tasks are focused on the implementation of the new Strategy in the field of intellectual property for 2021-2030. We plan to develop new forms and methods to stimulate inventive activity and increase patent activity, conduct research work, as well as international activities on topical issues in the field of intellectual property. There are plans to switch to digital, including in the field of patenting. We are planning a comprehensive modernization of the functionality of the Intellectual Property Exchange, which, among other things, provides for the expansion of the range of submitted intellectual property objects and much more.