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Approach to the financing of programs will become tougher

Approach to the financing of programs will become tougher

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Approach to the financing of programs will become tougher


26 March  (News “24 Hours”, STV) -  The number of projects to be supported will reduce, but the efficiency of support will enhance.

The program of innovative development for the near future was discussed on March 25 in the Government.

Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus: ‘It’s machine-building, medicine, chemistry and radio electronics. That is, all the areas are included. We have revised those projects which are in the program. Only 51 projects of them are supposed to be left according to the decision of working groups, what means not all the projects. You know, the program of last years sinned, there were various areas including agricultural ones, we included also motorway service. But very often the projects are not always innovative ones. The high-technological production is a guideline of Belarusian economy. It means new drugs, equipment for organ transplantation or light-emitting diode engineering.

Innovative technologies enable to enter international markets and maintain competitiveness’.

However, as it was noticed in the Government, the potential of Belarusian developments hasn’t been implemented completely.

Mikhail Myasnikovitch, the Prime-Minister of the Republic of Belarus: ‘Not all people think well of this important strategic state task. I wouldn’t say that these shortcomings are systematic, but some people keepconsidering it as a regular order of state governing bodies’.