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Best innovative projects received just rewards

Best innovative projects received just rewards

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Best innovative projects received just rewards


The best innovative projects have received just rewards today. More than one hundred applications were filed to the contest. Medicine, machine-building and IT are three pillars supporting science and technologies. The most prospective projects were chosen from these areas.

Dmitry Titov is going to tell us about the Belarusian developments.

It’s the 4th time the National Contest of Innovative Projects is held. It stands to mention that this year a record-breaking number of applications was submitted for the contest, there were about 110 applications. The developments of young specialists weren’t lost among the recognized projects. If it were possible to attend the event wearing working clothes, the biggest part of the auditorium would be occupied with people wearing doctor's smocks.

Medicine is one of the most developed areas in science and technologies. There is a unique discovery made by young scientists of the medical university.

Stem cells may heal human wounds. The first experiments on animals were successful. But the preparation must be developed primarily for people.

Sasab Hayda Ali, the assistant of the department of the Belarusian State Medical University says:

“We’ve proved the efficiency and safety of stem cells based on anti-inflammatory effect of these cells. It accelerates the process of healing during the short period of time”.

It’s the first time of existence of the prize that the best projects received the support. The means will be received both by the authors of ideas, and by the managers of ready startups.

BelAZ, the national brand of the machine-building has won the grand prize of the contest. As the engineer-designer of the plant emphasizes, he had the idea of the 450-ton machine when he looked out of the window of the third floor. This is an appropriate height to operate the biggest dump truck in the world.

There are 70 countries in the list of countries the domestic giant of machine-building exports the products in. The main region of shipping is Kuzbas, Russia.

The youth electronic projects received a financial incentive.

Ecologists are among the first people who try to solve the environmental problem through the global network. Now the site which will contain the maps of contamination of Minsk is under development. The data concerning the ecological situation in the capital will be received from the stations of the monitoring of environment. In the future the internet-portal may be useful all over the world.