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“Horizon” Innovation Electronics Center opened in Minsk

“Horizon” Innovation Electronics Center opened in Minsk

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“Horizon” Innovation Electronics Center opened in Minsk

The electronics innovation center, which is unique for Belarus, has been opened on March 6 in Minsk.

Ideas, business and technologies are concentrated here. The most progressive developments will be held in many areas. 

The priority is electronics for industry and consumers who are used to living in comfort. The separate position is aircraft and electric vehicles. 

Yuri Predko, General Director of the “Management Company of the “Horizon” Holding”:

‘Our designs are used in the production of professional cars. For example, every second BelAZ is equipped with control systems. We are actively working in avionics. Our control systems, displays and sensors are in the aircraft.’ 

Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of Belarus:

‘We are already implementing the 3rd state innovation development program, and every five years this program is formed for new tasks and new goals, which are rapidly changing. We are used to the fact that these projects are only projects. The programs that are active only in this five-year period, include a lot of activities such as the creation of infrastructure facilities and the creation of an environment that would enable to quickly create specific products from an idea and bring them to the market. It is very important that this center is open in “Horizon”, which will deal with such developments.’ 

About 1000 specialists will work in the center. These are developers, industrial designers, programmers, engineers and designers. 

The source: STV