Alexander Shumilin - Belarusian engineering has real opportunities for further growth and development

5/24/17 8:39 AM / Views:524

The machine-building branch of the Republic, despite the rather difficult economic situation of recent years, managed not only to maintain its potential, but it has real opportunities for further growth and development. This was announced at the plenary session of the Belarusian Industrial Forum by the Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Shumilin. According to him, the machine building complex is characterized by a multi-branch structure, which includes automobile, machine tool, instrumental electrical, electronic industry, radio industry, etc. ‘The development of these branches of machine building corresponds to the priority areas of scientific and technical activities of the Republic of Belarus for 2016-2020. According to the areas within the framework of the state program of innovative development of the Republic of Belarus and a number of scientific and technical programs, a promising engineering that is not inferior in performance to foreign analogues is being created,’ Alexander Shumilin stressed.

The Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology also noted that Belarusian scientists and specialists are carrying out the projects to create modern metalworking machines, new promising metal, ceramic, polymer, superhard materials, technologies and equipment for obtaining products and coatings based on them. For example, JSC "MAZ" already this year is going to master the production of truck tractors of the ecological class Euro-6 and a road train in the structure of an on-board car, a semi-trailer and a manageable sub-cart with a length of 25 m. The JSC “BELAZ” will manufacture a line of new quarry dump trucks with a carrying capacity from 50 tons to 450 tons. It is supposed to use hydromechanical and electromechanical transmissions and modern control systems for traction electric drives in the design of these machines. The project of the creation of a quarry dump truck that uses natural gas as a motor fuel must be also distinguished. Another significant project, a production of a passenger electric bus with a fast charging, is done at Belkommunmash.

A number of the projects, which are important for the country, is being implemented in the field of the tractor construction and agricultural engineering. For example, the JSC “MTZ” is going to develop and master the production of tractors with a capacity of 42 and 60 hp for the countries of Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America. Also, the production of high-energy-intensive tractors with a capacity of 300-355 hp of the traction class 5-6 was started at enterprises within the SSTP "Machine Building and Machine-Building Technologies". The JSC “Gomselmash” is engaged in the development and development of a self-propelled combine harvester with a rotary threshing and separation scheme with a grain throughput of 18-20 t / h.

‘An important aspect of further innovative development of machine building in Belarus is the use of progressive methods to stimulate enterprises and organizations that take an active part in scientific and technical activities. In this area, the state implements a systematic work, including the work on the improvement of legislation,’ Alexander Shumilin said. It should be noted that the State Committee on Science and Technology developed a decree of the Head of State. The National Centralized Innovation Foundation was established in accordance with it. Thus, there appeared the possibility of the additional financing of the most promising and necessary projects for the economy of the Republic. In addition, the legislative acts were introduced the amendments that provide for the improvement of the system for the formation and implementation of scientific and technical programs, as well as for assessing their effectiveness.

It is expected to create urban passenger and communal electric transport with navigation and remote technical diagnostic systems, agricultural machinery with satellite navigation systems and precision agriculture, robotic and automated systems based on the achievements of micro and radio electronics and etc. in Belarus taking into account the world trends in the development of technologies and the level of technology and informatization.