Alexander Shumilin - Belarusian pavilion at EXPO 2017 in Astana to be as interactive as possible

6/8/17 11:00 AM / Views:711

The Belarusian pavilion at EXPO 2017 in Astana will be as interactive as possible. Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology, told journalists about this, BelTA learnt. A special information kiosk of the Belarusian pavilion will feature dozens of scientific and technical developments. Visitors can get the information about any of them visitors can get on the mobile device, to learn later more and study the materials.

‘Belarus is a high-tech country. We have something to offer to the whole world. In addition, we have an open economy. In order to promote our goods for export, of course, we need to advertise ourselves in the international arena, for which we are presenting our best designs here,’ Alexander Shumilin said. ‘We will present the Belarusian-Chinese industrial park as a platform for possible investments and the creation of joint ventures and position Belarus as one of the countries on the Silk Road,’ the Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology said.

Speaking about the possible economic return from the exhibition, he noted that it is still difficult to talk about any specific figures, but, according to the experience of holding exhibitions of scientific and technical developments, on average one invested ruble earns 5-10 rubles of concluded contracts. ‘A special feature of the EXPO exhibition is its versatility, the presentation of the country as a whole, the opportunity to present its country in one place to more than a hundred other countries,’ Alexander Shumilin said. An electro bus, which more than half consists of domestic developments, will be among the exhibits of the Belarusian pavilion. There will be also photocells for solar energy. Their uniqueness consists in the possibility of applying to any surface, such as metal, concrete and glass.

The visitors of the pavilion will be able to see also modern LED technologies. The range of their application is quite wide, including in the green house, which makes the production much cheaper. Another innovation is a universal laser with a variable wavelength for use in medicine. The official opening of the Belarusian pavilion is scheduled on June 10. At the moment, the work on creating the exposition is being completed. Belarus as a country with a developed machine building will present the corresponding range of products at  EXPO.

EXPO 2017 International Specialized Exhibition will be held in Kazakhstan from 10 June to 10 September. It is expected that the event will be visited by 2.5 to 5 million people, not only from CIS countries, but also from far abroad. EXPO 2017, which will be held under the slogan "Energy of the Future", will highlight alternative energy sources, one of the most urgent topics of concern of the world community. The topic of the forthcoming exhibition is perfectly symbolized by the logo of EXPO 2017: the petals asymmetrically located in the circle symbolize energy and perpetual motion. The exhibition will showcase ideas and solutions for renewable energy sources and the implementation of the green economy principle: buildings that generate energy for their own provision, smart homes, electric cars, biofuel cars and much more.