Alexander Shumilin - effective measures to protect information taken in Belarus

11/2/17 12:18 PM / Views:514

Effective measures are being taken in Belarus in order to protect information. This opinion was expressed today by Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology, BelTA informs. The Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology noted that Belarus is implementing the third state scientific and technical program "Information Protection" for 2016-2020. The first one started in 2006. 20 instruments, 15 software and hardware complexes and 18 techniques (recommendations) were created and brought to practical use on the basis of the results of the programs. ‘In 2016, innovative products worth 150,000 USD were produced according to the state program “Information Protection”,’ the Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology noted. He said that the matter concerns complexes, security systems and software products, and predicted that such products will be more and more in demand on the market. Alexander Shumilin cited the research data from Kaspersky Lab, which showed that the second large company in the world is subject to a serious cyberattack every two months. To eliminate the consequences, each company on average spends 450 thousand USD per year.

Issues of scientific and innovative development of the information area and support of its security in Belarus and other CIS countries are discussed at the international scientific and practical conference "Problems of Ensuring National and Regional Security: Legal and Informational Aspects".