Alexander Shumilin - forum of draft programs of Union State is important platform for promoting bilateral cooperation

10/24/17 4:50 PM / Views:602

The forum of the draft programs of the Union State of Russia and Belarus, which is the 6th Forum of Higher Educational Engineering and Technology Institutions, is an important platform for promoting the bilateral cooperation and contributes significantly to the formation of a common scientific and technological space. This was announced at the opening of the forum at BNTU by Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus. According to him, the topic of the event "Global Energy: Partnership of Countries and Technologies in the Context of Sustainable Climate Development and Conservation" is extremely relevant, as energy, energy conservation and new sources of energy are one of the priority areas for the development of the cooperation in the field of science and technology within the US. ‘The project of priority areas and priority tasks for the further development of the Union State for 2018-2022 envisages the creation of conditions for the production of electric and heat energy using renewable energy sources. Conditions for the production of this type of energy will be created through the development of pilot projects on renewable energy,’ Alexander Shumilin said.

It should be noted that the implementation of the scientific and technical programs of the Union State, where the representatives of the university community of both countries traditionally play a special role, is one of the most effective forms of scientific, technical and innovative cooperation between Belarus and Russia. So, SKIF-Nedra program of the US has been implemented since 2015, which is aimed at the development and creation of a high-tech, innovative tool. This tool is object-oriented supercomputer technologies that increase the efficiency of the search, prospecting, development and use of the resource potential of the mineral resource base of the participating states of the Union State.

At present Belarus and Russia are working on the concept of the union program on "green" energy. The developers of the program are Belarusian State Technological University and Ural Federal University. This program is aimed at creating materials, technologies and devices that contribute to the successful development of the industrial production of promising and reliable current sources, small and medium power plants for a distributed electrochemical alternative and hydrogen energy.

Another area of cooperation is the formation of a common scientific and technological space. It involves the unification and development of scientific and technical potentials of Russia and Belarus, including national innovation systems, in order to accelerate the use of science and technology in innovation and the consistent growth of the competitiveness of the economies of the member-states on this basis.

The main areas are a coordination of joint scientific and innovative research and development; consultations on the scientific and technical policies of the member-states; a formation of priority areas of scientific and technological and innovative cooperation within the Union State.

According to the Head of State, it is advanced developments, that the growth of well-being and the intellectual development of the nation are directly related to. They determine the level of the state's economic competitiveness in the international arena  in the final analysis. ‘We expect new ideas from the university community of Belarus and Russia, which will bring the economy and science of our states to a higher level and contribute to the full functioning of the common scientific and technological space of the Union State,’ Alexander Shumilin said.