Chairman of SCST Alexander Shumilin took part in session of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee

8/22/17 11:27 AM / Views:693

Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus, took part in the session of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee, where the results of the socioeconomic development and the implementation of the regional budget in the first half of the year were considered on August 21. In particular, the implementation of tasks on the parameters and indicators such as labor productivity (101.1%), exports (129.1%), exports of services (137.8%) and foreign direct investment on a net basis was provided in January-June.

It should be noted that the share of shipped innovative products in the total volume of products shipped by organizations, the main economic activity of which is a production of industrial products, amounted to 5.8% in January-June 2017 in Mogilev region. 5 innovative projects, such as "Development of a New Production of Improved Products (Cylinder Liners, Including a Bimetallic Type for Internal Combustion Engines and Compressors for Railway, Special Equipment and Dual-Use Technology); "Organization of Production of Thermal Insulation and Wall Products Based on Foamed Liquid Glass"; "Organization of Production of Gerotor Pumps for Installation in the Transmission of Wheeled Tractors and Road Construction Equipment"; "Production of Strech Hood Film with the Flexographic Printing and the Separating film with the Stamping" and "Creation of the Enterprise for the Production of Full-Fat Extruded Soy" are implemented in Mogilev region within the State program of the Republic of Belarus on the innovative development for 2016-2020.

Alexander Shumilin visited the LLC “Zernova”, which is implementing this project, during the visit to Mogilev region. At present, the technological equipment was installed there, and the commissioning is being carried out. The innovation of the project is to create a new production for Belarus, such as full-fat extradited soybeans (the most valuable component of mixed fodders for farm animals). The project provides for the organization of the production on a unique for our country technological equipment with the automation of the production process.

Alexander Shumilin also held a personal reception of citizens at the Mogilev regional executive committee. Sergei Trikhonov addressed himself to Alexander Shumilin with the issues of creating and manufacturing a light-engine wide-wing aircraft and a small-sized motor. Exhaustive explanations were given for all the questions.