Chairman of SCST held monitoring of projects of SPID in Mogilev region

8/10/17 8:02 AM / Views:353

Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus, visited a number of enterprises of the Mogilev region that implement projects within the State Program for Innovative Development for 2016-2020.

One of such projects is "Organization of Production of Gerotor Pumps for Installation in Transmission of Wheeled Tractors and Road Construction Equipment". It involves the creation of the production of new technically complicated products for the Republic aimed at the import substitution and the export. As noted by Dozator Plus Company, at present, preliminary tests of prototypes of the rear DGN68.00.000 pump at the production facilities of the OJSC “Minsk Wheeled Tractor Plant” have been carried out. Bench tests showed the correctness of the chosen solution: the pump showed good performance (107 l / min at 1800 rpm).

No less interesting project is «Organization of Production of Heat-Insulating and Walled Products Based on Foamed Liquid Glass" is implemented by the JSC “PMK-83 Vodstroy”. The company is going to organize the production of heat-insulating materials based on foamed liquid glass using the technology developed by the research and design-production republican unitary enterprise "Institute NIISM".

The main goal of the developers is the introduction of a new technology for the production of thermal insulation materials based on foamed liquid glass as a result of the combined mixing of the foaming agent, liquid glass and other necessary components. For this product, the National Intellectual Property Center received a patent for the invention "Raw Material Mixture for Manufacturing Cellular Construction Materials." It should be noted that the products based on foamed liquid glass are 25-30% cheaper than similar thermal insulation materials produced in Belarus. At the same time, in terms of quality indicators, the products are able to compete with the products of foreign firms.

The production of export-oriented and import-substituting products, strech hood films with flexographic printing and separating films with embossing, is created by the LLC "Techsoyuz Polyus" in Osipovichi. They build a production complex with a total area of about 1,000 square meters. After the project is completed, strech hood film for the packing of bulky goods and a separating film with embossing used in the production of automobile tires will be produced.

During the visit to the Mogilev region Alexander Shumilin visited Bobruisk, where he held a personal reception of citizens at the city executive committee. There is Sergei Kayushnikov, chief engineer of the OJSC "Belshina", among those who came to the Chairman of the SCST. He was interested in the implementation of innovative projects, as well as the possibility of creating an industrial laboratory at the enterprise. Exhaustive explanations were given for all the questions.