OJSC "Integral" to develop new integrated circuits within state program of innovative development

1/4/18 1:36 PM / Views:362

The implementation of an innovative project to develop and integrate the production of the bipolar technology on plates with a diameter of 150 millimeters will enable to create new import-substituting photosensitive devices and microchips for Belarus. This was announced by Alexander Shumilin,  Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus, during his visit to “Integral”. The visit took place within the monitoring of projects of the State Program for Innovative Development for 2016-2020. According to him, the innovativeness of the project, which belongs to the 5th technological order, consists in organizing the production of the new products, such as bipolar and BiKDMOS (combined bipolar-field technological processes) integrated circuits on plates of 150 mm in diameter with design standards of 0.8 microns.

It should be noted that the State Program for Innovative Development for 2016-2020 includes three more projects of the OJSC “Integral”.  Two of them have already been implemented: the production of new products for our country, epitaxial structures with the introduction of new technological processes, and focal planes based on photosensitive devices for the observation and remote sensing of the Earth. Currently, the company is working on a promising technology for the mounting of integrated circuits in order to use them subsequently in the production of industrial and special products. The project is based on the use of domestic technologies and refers to the 5th  technological order. Its innovativeness lies in the development and implementation of a new mounting technology for the Republic. It enables to produce new products meeting the world level of the developed technologies by submicron project standards.