Student Laureates of 23rd National Contest of Scientific Works awarded in Minsk

6/19/17 3:44 PM / Views:1016

Today the laureates of the 23rd National Contest of Students' Scientific Works were awarded at the Belarusian State Technological University. Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus, took part in the solemn events. In his speech, he noted the importance of developing breakthrough technologies of the 6th technological structure (biotechnologies and nanotechnologies, information and communication technologies, hybrid technologies and robotics) for the development of the innovation economics and support of youth entrepreneurship. It should be noted that in order to support young scientists and entrepreneurs and their involvement in scientific, technical and innovative activities, the start-up movement is being actively developed in Belarus. So, only in 2016 more than 300 start-up events were held. More than 19 thousand people took part in them. In addition, every year the National Youth Contest “100 Ideas for Belarus” has been held since 2011 by BRYU, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the Ministry of Education. The SCST provides a grant support to the project participants through the participation and victory in the national competition of innovative projects. For example, the grants in the nomination "Best Youth Innovation Project" were received by Alexander Rubanov, Valery Klyuka and Sergei Sheibut (the project Science for Children, the amount is 1788 rubles), as well as a certificate for receiving funds for further commercialization of the project in the amount of 11,920 rubles within this competition in 2016.