USA interested in Belarusian developments in instrument making

12/29/17 11:21 AM / Views:414

The USA are interested in Belarusian developments in the field of instrumentation. This was announced by Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology, at "Topical Microphone" program of the First National Channel of the Belarusian Radio, BelTA informs.

‘The conclusion of certain contracts (including with the United States, BelTA’s comment), including in the field of instrumentation, is being considered. Everyone knows that most of the developments in this area start at the Silicon Valley. Nevertheless, there are our developments in the field of instrumentation, which are quite interesting for the American market, as well as our information technologies. The achievements of the Belarusian IT sector are well known among the American specialists. The ordinary population knows our country less. It's very important to advertise ourselves,’ Alexander Shumilin said.

He reminded that this year Belarus presented the national exposition at the exhibition of high technologies in the USA for the first time. ‘This was a landmark event for our country in the Year of Science. Belarusian developments have always been present on the American market. However, this was the first national exhibition, when it was not just the scientific development of individual companies, but the ones united under the Belarusian flag. In America, this is taken very seriously. This is a diplomatic and scientific breakthrough,’ the Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology said. Alexander Shumilin mentioned China and Spain among other important partners of Belarus in the area of science.  Belarus also represented scientific developments at the exhibition in Spain. ‘The contacts have been established, four projects have been prepared jointly with Spanish scientific organizations to apply for EU joint research programs,’ he said.