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National contest of innovative projects. Acceptance of applications for participation

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The State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus, with the participation of the Belarusian Innovative Foundation, the Ministry of Education, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the public association "Belarusian Republican Youth Union" and other interested organizations, is holding the 8th National Innovation Projects Contest in two nominations: "Best Innovative Project" and "Best Youth Innovation Project".

The contest is held in order to stimulate the implementation of promising innovative projects, assistance in the search for investment support for innovative projects and commercialization of research and development results.

Prospective innovative projects with a detailed implementation strategy (commercialization) and corresponding to priority areas of scientific and technical activities in the Republic of Belarus are considered within the contest.

Legal entities and individuals can participate in the contest. The participants of the contest independently choose which nomination their innovation project represents. Only the individuals aged up to 35 years can participate in the nomination “Best Youth Innovative Project”.

The stages of the competition include:

- acceptance of applications and the preliminary selection of projects (including evaluation and selection of projects among the winners of the national youth project "100 ideas for Belarus" and other national contests, by October 1, 2017;

- examination of innovative projects - by November 1, 2017;

- determination of winners and prize-winners of the contest - December 2017.

In order to prepare the participants of the contest for the consideration and the protection of innovative projects, a training seminar involving leading Belarusian specialists in innovation and venture activity and business planning is expected to be held in October 2017. T his year the participants of the contest will be provided with one-day intensive training for the preparation for the presentation of the project before the contest board and potential investors in addition to the traditional seminar. The contest board determines the winners and prize-winners of the competition in accordance with the results of consideration and protection of innovative projects. There is one winner and five winners in each nomination, two of them are runners-up, and three are on the third place.

Winners and prize-winners of the competition are awarded diplomas and prizes:

60 first-class tariff rates for the first place (1860.0 rubles);

40 first-class tariff rates for the second place (1240,0 rubles); 20 first-class tariff rates for the third place (620.0 rubles).

The contest board selects projects for further commercialization of their results among the winners and prize winners, which will receive a certificate in the amount of 400 tariff rates of the 1st category each (12400,0 rubles).

The Regulations on the National Contest of Innovative Projects and the forms of tender documentation can be found on the contest's website


To participate in the contest it is necessary to pass the obligatory registration on the site of the contest filling in the forms established by the organizers (the application, the passport and the business plan of the innovation project), and send a set of the contest documents to the address of the Belarusian Innovative Foundation (31A V. Horuzhei str., room 403, Minsk, 220002).

The contact phone of the Belarusian Innovative Foundation is +375 17 2931781, e-mail:


The winners and prizewinners of the past years:


8 Steps for a Successful Participation in the National Contest of Innovation Projects

Step 1. Register on the contest website.

Step 2. Submit an application by filling in the proposed electronic forms of the Application and the Passport of the innovation project.

Step 3. Develop a business plan for an innovative project.

Step 4. Attach the Business plan of the innovative project in .docx or .pdf format to the electronic application.

Step 5. Print the set of documents: the Application, the Passport and the Business plan of the innovation project.

Step 6. Sign the Passport of the Innovative Project and the title page of the Business Plan.

Step 7. Deliver the set of contest documents in hard copy to the Belarusian Innovative Foundation personally (room 408) or send it to: (31A V. Horuzhei str., room 403, Minsk, 220002).

Step 8. Take part in the free seminar-training (October 2017).