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National seminar on Development of Innovative Activity in Regions, September 27, 2017, Vitebsk

8/30/17 9:49 AM / Views:844

The State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus will organize a national seminar on Development of Innovative Activities in Regions on September 27, 2017 in Vitebsk with the purpose of discussing the issues of implementing the state innovation policy and stimulating the innovation activity in the regions.

The agenda of the seminar includes the following issues:

- development and implementation of strategies for scientific, technical and innovative development of regions;

- formation and implementation of innovative projects in the regions;

- financing of innovative activities in the regions;

- stimulation of innovation activity in the regions;

- development of the regional innovation infrastructure;

- performance of indicators of the innovation development

We invite the specialists of government bodies dealing with the issues of scientific and technical and innovation policy, scientific organizations and innovative enterprises of the region   to participate in the seminar.

The participation in the seminar is free.

The venue is Vitebsk, 6 Pushkin str., Vitebsk Regional Scientific and Technical Library, the branch of the RLST.

The work starts at 12.00 pm. The registration of participants starts at 11.30 am.

The applications for participation in the seminar can be sent to the e-mail: or by fax (017) 203 45 92.

The application form for participation.

The detailed information about the event can be obtained by phones:

(017) 203 45 92, (017) 203 45 87, (017) 306 29 97 (the state institution “Belarusian Institute for System Analysis and Information Support in Science and Technology”), by e-mail, as well as on the website in the section "Events" and "Conferences and Seminars". (