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Belarusian projects in the field of financial and bank technologies reach international level

5/29/17 3:52 PM / Views:1629


Capital projects in the area of financial and bank technologies are reaching an international level and are ready to compete with the world's leading brands. This was announced at the Minsk Fin Tech conference with the participation of the city's governing body, the Ministry of Economy, and representatives of venture funds. 16 projects from Minsk, Moscow and St. Petersburg took part in the battle of startups.

Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of Belarus:

‘There is such a global index of innovative development, where Belarus is 45th in accordance with the generation of new knowledge and innovation. We have a lot of start-ups, ideas and technologies that can be used to earn money, and they can make a profit by properly introducing them into production and bringing them to the market.’

The main prize is 5 thousand rubles was given to the Belarusian start-up "Ping-Fin". This application is a personal financial aid aimed at studying the payment behavior of users.

The source: Belarusian TV and Radio Company