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Focus on innovation, an article in SB Belarus Segodnya

11/4/17 11:30 AM / Views:488

Belarusian and Chinese youth together open "New Horizons". The fourth Belarusian-Chinese Youth Innovation Forum was held in BNTU. More than 200 participants presented their scientific and technical projects and visited Velikiy Kamenh industrial park. There they can implement their ideas in the future.

Such meetings became traditional: the forum has been held annually since 2014. Close contacts were established between scientists and students of the two countries and common developments appeared during this period. This year, the projects in the field of information technology, industrial design, construction and architecture and medical electronics were presented.

Today, it is important not only to create innovations for science, but also to introduce them into production and to obtain patents. Such approaches are relevant for both countries: both Belarus and China focus on the development of an innovative economy.

Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology, told that a contest of Belarusian-Chinese scientific projects is expected to be held early next year. The most innovative and promising developments will receive a funding. Also, the creation of the Center for Innovative Projects was announced. It will be a platform for start-ups, where teams of young entrepreneurs and developers will receive an expert support and a help from Belarusian and Chinese businessmen and researchers. Then the companies with a high-tech production can become residents of Velikiy Kamenh industrial park.

The source: SB