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Let's go far, an article in Belarus Segodnya

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The unique simulator will be a pilot project of the Russian-Belarusian venture fund

The Russian-Belarusian Venture Investment Fund will send more than 800 thousand Belarusian rubles for the implementation of a "pilot" project for the production of a rehabilitation station, a kinesisimulator. Oleg Fomichev, State Secretary, Deputy Minister of the Economic Development of the Russian Federation, and Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of Belarus, signed an agreement on key terms of the transaction.


The station is a remotely controlled "two-layer exoskeleton" and programs for selecting an individual rehabilitation scheme. The simulator is multifunctional, inexpensive, stimulates the muscular-articular receptors and programs 20 habitual movements. It can be claimed in neurorehabilitation, traumatology, orthopedics, pediatrics and sports medicine. In 2015, the Triniti project took the third place in the national contest as the "Best Youth Project".


‘Fund experts selected the technology that was most prepared. This product is in demand on the Russian market,’ Oleg Fomichev commented. ‘But now we need to look at how to enter the market.’ A significant part of it is the public procurement both in Russia and in Belarus. It is itself a complicated story. However, there is much in the project that enables you to count on success. The cost of the simulator is lower, but the technology is better, and it is easier to operate. Such products are either foreign, or are made individually for the treatment and prevention institutions and are very expensive. It is also important that the team of developers encourages venture investors to trust.


Having approved the first transaction, the supervisory board of the Russian-Belarusian Venture Investment Fund discussed the road map and the work plan for 2018. 5 more projects, which are related to medicine, IT and mechanical engineering, have been selected.

‘The market of venture investments in Belarus just starts appearing,’ Alexander Shumilin said. ‘It is important to learn how to earn money by implementing innovative projects. The fund will own 50% of the shares of the venture company. In 3 years, the developers will be able to redeem this share at a market price. In fact, money is now being given to a business plan and a new technology that can be in demand on the market of Russia and Belarus. The payback period is up to 5 years.’


Dossier of "Soyuz"

The joint venture company was registered in Belarus in late 2016. The fund was created on parity terms with a volume of the financing of 1.4 billion Russian rubles.

The source is SB Belarus Segodnya