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Silk Road will unite innovators, Belorusy i Rynok, newspaper

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Belarusian companies are included in the construction of the Silk Road infrastructure in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.


Belt with Belarusian ornament

It is expected that the involvement of Belarus in the project "One Belt - One Way" will contribute to the development of our country's economy, the research and development market, the opening of new industries, scientific and technical and innovation centers, transport and logistics routes, and the creation of new jobs.

‘Belarus is one of the first countries to support the initiative of the Great Silk Road. We also support the initiative in creating at least 50 scientific and technical centers in the Silk Road at the Forum "One Belt - One Way". We hope that one or even two such centers can be established in Belarus,’ the Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technologies Alexander Shumilin said before the event.

Now Belarus and China are implementing 28 projects in the field of radar, optoelectronics, nanotechnology and new materials. ‘China is a very large country, and all the areas that are developed in Belarus can be used there. There are ten technological parks, eight technology transfer centers, and other scientific institutions, 80 subjects of scientific and innovative activity in all, in Belarus. They all want to establish relations with Chinese partners. The interest of Belarus is in the construction of joint research laboratories with China,’ Alexander Shumilin said. In his opinion, combining Belarusian science and the ability of the Chinese to quickly commercialize scientific developments, ‘we will be able to achieve a lot.’

Beneficial for everybody

The Scientific and Technological Association of Ukraine was admitted to the association as a member at the forum t, which offers two hubs for cooperation within its country.

‘China opens a new page in the history of mankind. A new system of national economy is being built, which needs a new infrastructure. The structure aimed at the global development is being created within the Silk Road project. This innovation has a great future for the whole planet. Belarus is on the western route of the land Silk Road, and Ukraine is on the south. Now we are building a cross-border hub on the border of Ukraine and Slovakia, which is called the Transboundary Center for Technology Transfer. A similar hub is supposed to be created in Odessa,’ the representative of the Ukrainian association Yuri Tinyuk said. Ukraine will be glad to welcome Chinese companies in these hubs.

Sergey Sidorsky, member of the Board (Minister) for industry and agro-industrial complex of the Eurasian Economic Commission, suggests the Belarusian government not consider the Silk Road as a transit of Chinese goods, but develop a program that will expand the format of the cooperation.

‘If one of the areas of the Silk Road goes through Belarus, there is a task not to be limited with Velikiy Kamenh Park. In addition, there are other infrastructure projects. It is necessary to develop not only the vertical structure, but also the horizontal one of the Silk Road. Where are our cars? Where are our priorities for clusters? We need to find our industrial niche on this way,’ Sergei Sidorsky said at the opening of the Belarusian Industrial Forum.

He believes that domestic enterprises can be involved in building the infrastructure of the Silk Road, which China is actively pursuing in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Let’s note that during the forum, four Chinese companies signed agreements on joining as residents in Velikiy Kamenh, the Sino-Belarusian Industrial Park.

 BR Reference

The Association of Science and Technology Parks, High and New Technology Zones, The Silk Road was established in 2016 to develop the innovative infrastructure and scientific innovation cooperation between the countries of the Asia-Pacific and European regions through the territory of the Silk Road. It is engaged in supporting communications and establishing links with representatives of the high-tech sector of these states.

The association includes 80 Chinese and 35 foreign organizations from 10 countries of the world. These are scientific and technological centers, research institutes and agencies that provide related services.

The first meeting of the association was held with the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China in the Chinese province of Shandong. In accordance with the plans of the government of this country, more than 50 scientific and technical parks and high technology zones will be opened throughout the economic belt of the Silk Road.

Tatyana Kalinovskaya

The source: Belorusy i Rynok, a weekly analytical newspaper for business people