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DISTI 2015

The 14th International Conference “Development of Informatization and State System of Scientific and Technical Information” (DISTI 2015) was held in Minsk on November 19, 2015.

The purpose of the conference was an analysis of the status and problems of information and development of the state system of scientific and technical information in the Republic of Belarus; a development of new approaches to the scientific and methodological support of the informatization development, the information and communication technologies and the information infrastructure of Belarus and an implementation of the Strategy for Information Society Development in the Republic of Belarus for the period till 2015 and the National Program of accelerated development in the field of information and communication technology services in 2011-2015.

Conference Topics

● The analysis of the current state and problems of the development of a single information space, methods and means of its formation, the use and the development in the interests of citizens, society and the state, including:

- development of the national automated information system concerning the association of information resources of government and ensuring access to them and the organization of interdepartmental information exchange;

- development of the information infrastructure;

- development and improvement of information and communication technologies and the formation of an export-oriented industry information technology industry;

- improving the legal framework and the system of state regulation in the field of information systems and scientific and technical information;

- development of the system of training and retraining of specialists in information and communication technologies and skilled users;

- development of culture and the media through the introduction of information and communication technologies;

- improving the information security of the country.

● The development of the state system of scientific and technical information.

● The provision of electronic services to citizens and businesses.

● The formation of an integrated system of standardization (unification), certification, examination and evaluation of the effectiveness of programs, projects and information results.

● The development of scientific and information computer networks and technologies of high-speed data exchange between organizations with access to international research and education network.

● The Corporate Network Library of the Republic of Belarus and its information resources, digital libraries, generating their own information resources, access to domestic and foreign information resources.

● The regional informatization and information infrastructure.

Conference Address:

6 Surganov str., NASB UIIP, Minsk,Republic of Belarus, 220012, tel. +375 17 284-25-26.

Chairman of the Program Committee:

Alexander Tuzikov +375 17 284-21-75

Vice-Chairmans of the Program Committee:

Viktor Alyushkevich +375 17 284-09-85

Romuald Grigyanets +375 17 284-25-26

Executive secretaries:

Viktor Vengerov +375 17 284-12-08

Galina Misyakova +375 17 217-74-06

Fax: +375 17 284-07-22