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Scientific Maintenance and Support

Presidential Program  "Children of Belarus"

(Scientific support)

State programs

(Scientific support)

State program of import substitution

State program "Belarusian Medical Equipment"

State program "Fruit Growing"

State Program "Development of Veterinary Drugs"

State program of accelerated  development of services in the field of information and communication technologies for the period from 2011 to 2015

State Program of Demographic Safety of Belarus

State target program "Monitoring of the Earth's Polar Regions  and Maintenance of the Arctic and Antarctic Expeditions for the Period from  2007 to 2010 and for the period up to 2015"

State program of establishment of the unified   information system of state statistics of the Republic of Belarus

State Program "Development of Physical Culture and Sports in the Republic of Belarus"

State Program "National Genetic Stock of Economically Useful Plants"

State Program  for the adoption of new and high technologies  in production

State Program for reconstruction of the Central Botanical Garden objects of the NAS of Belarus

State economic program Phytopreparations"

State program "Innovation Biotechnologies"

State program "Plant Protection Chemicals (Pesticides-2) for the Period from  2008 to 2013"

State program "Import-Substituting Pharmaceutical Products"

State program "Peat"

State program of socioeconomic development and integrated use of natural resources of Polesie of Prypiat for the Period from  2010 to  2015 

State program of research and use of outer space for peaceful purposes for the period from  2008 to 2012