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SSSTI Computer Networks

Information and communication infrastructure of the state system of scientific and technical information (ICI SSSTI) is designed to provide high speed interaction of information communication educational institutions, research organizations and government agencies (subscribers), cultural organizations by attaching to the transport infrastructure that is generated on the basis of academic network BASNET and implementation data transfer on the physical, channel, network and transport layer reference model open systems interconnection.

Scientists, students, doctors, meteorologists and other experts were able to connect to European computer network of science and education via GEANT whose capacity is increased by 4 times - from 155 to 622 Mbits per second.

Contract for rental and start industrial exploitation in this line of digital communication signed the United Institute of Informatics Problems, National Academy of Sciences - (network operator BASNET, the only country that provides offline access to global computer networks) and RUP "Beltelecom".

This means that from now on the possibility for full cooperation and information sharing with foreign partners in 150 legal persons benefiting from the Belarusian academic network, significantly expanded.

Thanks to the development of academic networks was the focus of interests of different departments and programs, it is now based on 30 basic units of Minsk high-speed fiber optic channels with a total length of more than 50 km. Regional nodes operate in all regional centers.

On the basis of BASNET realized scientific information network of the country, the corporate library and telemedicine network of the national level, the national telecommunications subsystem GRID infrastructure and the structure of scientific and technical information, the Belarusian space system of remote sensing.

With the expansion of opportunities for channel Joint Institute of Informatics Problems with the Secretariat of the Association of European research and education networks TERENA supported by Belarusian State University and scientific and technological association "Infopark" has organized a training workshop for professionals. Lectures by leading experts from the Netherlands, the UK and the Czech Republic will help Belarusian users and operators of channels make fuller use of new resources for the development of scientific cooperation and participation in various educational programs.