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SSSTI Development Support

The Interdepartmental Scientific and Methodological Council for the development of the system of STI (hereinafter  the Interdepartmental Council), a consultative body for the management for the Development of SSSTI, was established with the purpose of implementation of the functions of the development of the system of STI (SSSTI) by the SCST in the Republic of Belarus by the order of the SCST of August 5, 2010, no. 231.

The main tasks of the Interdepartmental Council are:

- scientific and methodological support of the development of the SSSTI in the Republic of Belarus;

- the development and implementation of the necessary scientific and organizational measures to ensure the achievement of set goals;

- consideration of issues arising in the course of work.

The Chairman of the Interdepartmental Council is approved by the Vice Chairman of the SCST.

Organizational and technical support of the activities of the Interdepartmental Council is provided by the state institution “Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support in Science and Technology” (SI “BELISA”).

The SI “BELISA” is determined to be an organization-coordinator of the realization of the works (lists of works) for the development of the SCST by the order of the SCST no. 167 of April 17, 2012.

The main solved tasks for the implementation of works for the development of the SCST are:

- formation of the common information space of the STI of the Republic of Belarus on the basis of modern information and telecommunication technologies and integration of it into the world information space;

- collection, storage  and processing of information resources produced in Belarus, and the support of access to them of foreign users;

- accumulation of knowledge, information on technologies, products and organizational innovations;

- satisfaction and development of needs for information and analytical products and services of the bodies of the state and local control, legal entities and individuals of scientific, scientific-technical and innovation area;

- improvement of normative legal and methodic support of the system of the STI.

The leading core organizations of the Republic of Belarus are executors of works for the development of the SSSTI. The implementation of the lists of works for the development of the SCST is considered as a necessary condition for the creation of the system of the efficient support of scientific, scientific-technical and educational activities as the basis for the socioeconomic, scientific-educational and cultural development of the country.

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