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Normative Acts Applied in the Field of Technical Rate Setting and Standartization of the Scientific-Technical Program

The reference versions of standards are stated below. To get the official version of standards view the portal.

1. Unified System of Program Documentary

2. State Standards  Automated Systems

3. Information Technologies

STB P 2105-2010

“Information Technologies.Web-Sites of State Governing Bodies and Organizations. Requirements”

STB 1693-2009 Informatization. Terms and Definitions

STB ISO/IEC 14764-2003

“Information Technologies. Maintenance Software”

STB 982-94 Information technology. Terms and Definitions

State Standard ISO/IEC 2382-1-99

Information Technology. Dictionary. Part 1. Basic Terminology

Catalogue of Standards  (Technological Normative Legal Acts)

The website of the International Organization on Standartization ISO comprehends: descriptions, articles and resources of standards ISO in the field of management (ISO 9001 is for quality, ISO 14001 is foe ecology, ISO/IEC 27001 is for Information Safety, ISO 22000 is for food safety); life examples and articles on valid standards, information publications and brochures of ISO; full list of technical committees developing the standards, with the indication of the activity areas and work programs, contact and other useful information.

4. Formats of Bibliographical Notes

BELMARC : Full description for bibliographical notes

BELMARC : Attachment to the BELMARC Format (882 Kb)

RUSMARC format for presentation of bibliographical notes

RUSMARC/Authorities format for presentation of authoritative/normative noted

MARC21 Format for Bibliographic Data 


UNIMARC manual : Bibliographic Format 1994

Guidelines for Using UNIMARC for Component Parts

Guidelines for Using UNIMARC for Microforms

Guidelines for Using UNIMARC for Older Monographic Publications (ANTIQUARIAN)

UNIMARC Minimal Level Record

Multi-level Description: Encoding Options for UNIMARC

Electronic resources

UNIMARC / Authorities 1991

UNIMARC Manual-Authorities Format 2001 (Concise version)

ANSI/ISO Z39.50-2003 Information Retrieval (Z39.50): Application Service Definition and Protocol Specification

5. Others

State Standard 31279-2004

Intergovermental Standard

Innovation Activity